Monster Hunter World

Is Monster Hunter World Cross Play? A Comprehensive Guide for Gamers in 2023

Monster Hunter World is a popular action role-playing game that was released in 2018. Since its release, many gamers have wondered whether or not the game supports cross-play. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide all the details you need to know about Monster Hunter World cross-play.

What is Cross-Platform Play

Firstly, it’s critical to understand what cross-play is. Cross-play is the ability for players on different gaming platforms to play with each other. For example, if a player is on Xbox and their friend is on PlayStation, they can still play together using cross-play. It’s a highly sought-after feature among gamers, as it allows them to connect and play with friends on different consoles.

Cross-platform play refers to the ability to play a game with others on different platforms. In the case of Monster Hunter World, it means that players on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation can all play together in the same game. However, there are some limitations to cross-platform play in Monster Hunter World that you need to be aware of.

First, cross-platform play is only available between PC and Xbox players, or between PC and PlayStation players. Xbox and PlayStation players cannot play together due to technical restrictions. Additionally, cross-platform play is only available for the base game of Monster Hunter World, not for any of the expansions or DLC.

Monster Hunter World
Monster Hunter World

Importance of cross-platform play in multiplayer games

Cross-platform play, which allows gamers to play together across different platforms and devices, has become increasingly prominent in the world of multiplayer gaming. With a growing number of gamers playing on different platforms, such as PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, the cross-platform play has become a way to bring players together and enhance the overall gaming experience.

One of the biggest benefits of cross-platform play is the ability to play with friends who may have different gaming devices. Players can connect with each other regardless of what platform they use, which can lead to larger player pools and more diverse gameplay experiences. This can also lead to more balanced matchmaking, as players on different platforms can be matched together, reducing the likelihood of unbalanced teams or lopsided matches.

Overview of Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is a popular action role-playing game developed and published by CAPCOM Co., Ltd. Since its release on August 9, 2018, it has garnered a dedicated fanbase that continues to enjoy the game’s expansive world and thrilling gameplay.

It remains a topic of interest for many gamers whether Monster Hunter World supports cross-platform play. Throughout this guide, we will explore how cross-platform play works in Monster Hunter World, answering common questions and providing a deeper understanding of how it works.

Is Monster Hunter World Cross play?

Unfortunately, Monster Hunter World is not a cross-platform game, which means that players on different platforms cannot play together. This means that players who own the game on different platforms, such as Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, cannot play together, as there is no cross-play feature available.

For instance, if you own Monster Hunter World on PS5, you cannot team up with your friend who has the game on Xbox. Similarly, players on PC cannot play with their friends on PlayStation, and vice versa. This is because the game is not designed to be played on different platforms.

While cross-platform play has become a popular feature in many multiplayer games, Monster Hunter World does not support this feature. However, players can still enjoy the game on their respective platforms, as the game offers plenty of content and challenges to explore and overcome.

It’s worth noting that there is also no cross-platform support between the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game. This means that if you are playing on PS4 and your friend has purchased a brand-new PS5, you cannot play together.

Monster Hunter World
Monster Hunter World

Although it’s disappointing that Monster Hunter World doesn’t support cross-platform play, it’s worthwhile to note that this is a common limitation in many games. Nevertheless, the game is still incredibly enjoyable and has a large community of players on each platform. So, if you’re looking to play Monster Hunter World with your friends, you’ll need to ensure that all of you own the game on the same platform.

Will Monster Hunter World be a Crossplay Game in the Future?

Monster Hunter World is an immensely popular game that is played by millions of gamers worldwide. However, the question of whether it is a cross-platform game is still up in the air. Unfortunately, Capcom has not provided any official statement on this, but there are several factors to consider.

One of the most significant obstacles to making Monster Hunter World a cross-platform game is the sheer amount of investment that would be required. Enabling crossplay in any game demands time, resources, and a significant budget. Additionally, Monster Hunter World is available on multiple platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, which all run on different engines and services. The different hardware and servers make cross-platform play between them more complicated than it seems.

Furthermore, when Monster Hunter World was first released, it was only available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Capcom launched the PC version several months later, utilizing Steam as its online service. The console version uses PSN and Xbox Live, two different online services that are incompatible with Steam. These technical differences make crossplay a more difficult prospect for the game.

Overall, while the lack of cross-platform play in Monster Hunter World may be disappointing for fans who want to play with their friends on different platforms, there are significant technical limitations to making it happen. Capcom has yet to provide any updates on the game’s crossplay feature, so we can only hope that the developers will find a way to overcome these obstacles and make cross-platform play a reality in the future.

As a conclusion

In conclusion, cross-platform play has become an essential feature in modern multiplayer games, including Monster Hunter World. It allows players to connect and play together, regardless of the device or platform they use. While cross-platform play is not available between all platforms in Monster Hunter World, the fact that it is available between Xbox and PlayStation is a significant step forward for the game. With cross-platform play, players can enjoy a more inclusive and diverse gaming environment, larger player pools, and better matchmaking.

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