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How often do you need to change your phone?

People nowadays are so fashionable, and they change their phones very frequently. Apple launches a new iPhone every year, which causes even so many iPhone enthusiasts to change their iPhones every year while other people change their every two or three years. 

However, the million-dollar question is how often should you change your phone. Should I change my phone every year or can I use it for a longer period of time? Well, we have tried to find out the answer in this article. Please take the time to read it carefully to find out the answer. 

It is normal to replace your phone every two to three years. There are various grades of mobile phones available today. In general, flagship mobile phones last 3-4 years or longer, while low-end mobile phones last 2-3 years. In general, using a phone for general purposes will extend the use time.

Heavy Usage: 

Today, many people cannot live without their mobile phones and are highly dependent on them. When you use a phone almost constantly, it slowly slows down and stops working. For people who frequently use mobile phones, playing large-scale online games or watching videos for long periods of time consumes a lot of power. In the long run, a phone’s battery will degrade significantly after a prolonged use period.

As a result, your phone is unlikely to last long, and depending on its brand and model, it may be unable to be used after a year or two.

Accidental Damage

Dropping your phone is a common occurrence these days. New research shows Americans drop their phones on average four times a week, and one in three Americans have a cracked screen. Nevertheless, everyone’s habits when it comes to using their mobile phones are different. It is possible to damage your phone’s screen or other hardware as a result of some accidents. 

While most phone brands make it difficult to repair, in this case, you may be able to get it repaired at a service centre or cell phone repair shop. The original cell phone repair parts are sometimes hard to find, but if you are handy, you can repair your phone yourself.  

Stop Support by Manufacturer: 

Generally, phone manufacturers provide support for 2-4 years, but the period varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Unlike iPhone, which still supports iPhone 8 which is very old, other manufacturers, especially Android manufacturers, provide support for shorter periods.

During this period, you will receive the latest OS update and security patch as well as support for any damage such as screen replacements or battery replacements. A phone with an outdated OS will have some problems operating securely when the manufacturer stops updating and supporting it. 

When your current phone stops receiving OS and security updates, you may want to consider replacing it with a new one. Otherwise, you will be outdated.

Economic Status

If you have a high income, and you can change your mobile phone within a few days of income, then don’t think twice about it. According to Money Super Market, there are many countries that need to work for 3 to 12 months to buy a new iPhone 14. But If you are rich and earn enough money, you can change your phone once a year or whenever you find a better one.


Even though changing a phone has so many benefits, it can also be troublesome sometimes when it comes to data transfer and learning new features. Your phone’s lifespan is determined by how long you use it every day, how often you play online & offline games, and how many videos you watch.

The iPhone battery level will decrease after 500 full charges, but Android batteries may behave differently. When you realize your phone’s battery capacity is below 60 or 70, you can consider purchasing one. Although it’s better to replace your battery rather than change your phone.

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