iPhone 14 teardown

iPhone 14 Teardown | Why You Should Buy iPhone 13

There is no doubt that the iPhone 14 is the biggest innovation this year. Many new features were added that tech enthusiasts around the world were eager to see. The design is sleek and modern, and it has a lot of power under the hood.

Apple announced the iPhone 14 on 8 September 2022, and customers began receiving them on 16 September. Although some lucky people received it earlier than ordinary users.  The new iPhone 14 offers a host of new features, including a more powerful camera, a better display, and more storage. Overall, it is an impressive upgrade from the previous model, which is sure to appeal to customers.

As a tech company and enthusiast, REWA Tech has already received iPhone 14 as well as other versions. With this teardown, we will take a first look at the internal components of an iPhone 14 and compare them with the iPhone 13.

Apple’s iPhone 14 comes in four different models: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.


In terms of display size, the iPhone 14 is identical to the iPhone 13 with some slight changes like different flex cables. While the resolution is 2532 by 1170 pixels at 460 pixels per inch, it is still better than iPhone 13.

iPhone 14 display
iPhone 14 display


Apple’s iPhone 14 battery has a larger capacity than iPhone 13’s. Compared to iPhone 13, iPhone 14 uses a 3279 mAh battery, while iPhone 13 uses a 3227 mAh battery and the battery life is also longer than ever.


It was widely expected that Apple would use the Bionic 16 chip in its iPhone 14. However, the Bionic 16 chip is only available on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Therefore, if you wish to experience the premium feel, you will have to spend more.

However, the iPhone 14 still has an L-shaped motherboard, although there have been some slight changes.


iPhone 14 features an advanced camera on both the back and the front, as well as great optical image stabilization.

In addition to a larger camera lens, the iPhone 14 has a different flex cable than the iPhone 13.

Front Camera

There are some wonderful new features on the iPhone 14 with its 12MP Ultra Wide front camera. Even though the front-camera structure of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 is almost identical in terms of repair. However, the iPhone 14’s camera is better designed than the iPhone 13.

Why you should buy iPhone 13 or stick with it?

There isn’t much reason to upgrade to iPhone 14 if you already own an iPhone 13, but pro and pro max versions of iPhone 14 come with premium features. According to Business Insider’s comparison of iPhone 14 and iPhone 13,

“compared to past years, this year’s standard iPhone 14 isn’t very groundbreaking — in fact, it’s incredibly similar to the older iPhone 13.”

Business Insider

Where are the similarities?

The iPhone always comes with lots of new features with the latest chip, but this year people have to pay extra for the premium features. Our goal was to find similarities between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14.

iPhone 13iPhone 14
Screen Size6.1-inch OLED screen6.1-inch OLED screen
Screen Resolution2532 x 1170 pixels2532 x 1170 pixels
Phone Size5.78*2.82 inches5.78*2.82 inches
ColorsGreen, pink, blue, Midnight black, Starlight white, redGreen, pink, blue, Midnight black, Starlight white, red
Back CameraTwo 12MP back camerasTwo 12MP back cameras
Front CameraOne 12 megapixel CameraOne 12 megapixel Camera
ChipA15 BionicA15 Bionic
Storage128, 256, and 512GB128, 256, and 512GB

What are the Main Differences?

Even though iPhone 14 is similar to iPhone 13, there are a few subtle differences that set it apart from its predecessors.

iPhone 13iPhone 14
Battery Capacity3227 mAh3279 mAh
Battery Life19 Hours20 Hours
Thickness0.30 inches0.31 inches
Weight6.14 ounces6.07 ounces
Camera featuresNight Mode, Portrait Mode, Ultra Wide captureNight Mode, Portrait Mode, Ultra Wide capture, Photonic Engine, Action Mode
Chip Core4 Core GPU5 Core GPU
Emergency satelliteNoYes (The only USA and Canada)
car crash detectionNoYes (The only USA and Canada)
Price$699, $799, $999$799, $899, $1099
Main differences between iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14

iPhone 14 teardown video

This is a teardown video shared by REWA Technology on their YouTube channel. REWA is the first who made iPhone 14 teardown video.

iPhone 14 teardown

The Bottom Line

While the iPhone 14 comes with lots of new features, the iPhone 14 Pro variant is the best way to get a premium feel from the device. 

The iPhone 14 starts at $799 with some modest improvements such as a better camera, a longer battery life, a car-crash detection feature, and emergency contact via satellite. Although the last two features are only available in USA and Canada. 

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