When And What To Look For In A Tyre

Look For In A Tyre

Roads can be challenging at times. No matter how much you maintain your vehicle it can end up getting hurt because of several reasons. You might be driving recklessly, maybe you hit a curb by accident or something else. Following are some of the reasons that be the reason for a tyre replacement.

Age: Just like everything in this world, tyres also come with an expiry date. You cannot stop your tyre from ageing. Maintenance plays a major role in expanding the life expectancy of the tyre but it won’t make it last forever. An average tyre lasts for 5 years after that it might need replacement anytime. That is why manufacturers mention the year of manufacture on the sidewall of the tyre. Make sure you buy a tyre that is not more than 6 years old.

Unrepairable Flat: A tyre is vulnerable because of so many obstacles on the road. Sharp objects, debris, shattered glasses and nails can penetrate inside the tyre and leak the air. This leads to a puncture. However puncture is repairable but if you have a flat tyre, you will need a replacement.

Badly Damaged Tyre: Careless driving, jumping over potholes and speed bumps, put your tyre under a lot of pressure. This can damage your tyre internally or externally. If you observe any issue occurring with your tyre, seek professional help.

Uneven Wear: The main cause of uneven wearing is improper inflation. Either too less or too much inflation can cause your tyre to wear unevenly. This can also lead to tyre blowout or puncture. To avoid this make sure your tyres have proper inflation.

Worn Out Tyre: The wearing of tyres happens because of the continuous friction between the rubber of the tyre and the road. Make sure the tread depth of your tyre is above 1.6mm. This is because tread depth below 1.6mm can be dangerous to drive and you can end up in the worst situation.

Irregular Size: The size of the tyre also affects the performance of the tyre. Every car model has a different size of tyre. The manufacturers also mention this size in the car manual. However, people choose a robust look over the original size. What they don’t know is that tampering with the size of the tyre can only give them temporary performance. In addition to that bigger or smaller size of the tyre will require replacement sooner than the regular tyre.

What To Look For In A Tyre?

If you are looking for Cheap Tyres Bolton, make sure you know what kind of tyre you require. There are different kinds of tyres and we can help you find the right tyre for you. First and foremost there are three main variables which you must consider before picking a tyre, road condition, weather condition and tread pattern.

Road Condition

Your experience uneven roads especially when you are travelling. Hilly roads, deserts, and grasslands, all have different types of road, which can clog your tyre and you can lose your traction. To avoid this we offer you wide tyres that are best for roading purposes. These tyres might not be the best when it comes to city roads but they are most efficient for off-roading.

Weather Condition

The weather condition is uneven throughout the globe. Not all tyres are capable of sustaining in cold or warm conditions. That is why there are different tyres that offer optimal performance in certain weather conditions. Such as summer tyres (above 7°C), winter tyres (below 7°C) and all-season tyres (above 4°C and only in moderate climate).

Tread Pattern

Treads are mainly responsible for friction and preventing hydroplaning. Hydroplaning occurs when the water accumulates underneath the sidewalls of the tyre. This can lead to further corrosion and damaging the wheels. Michelin Tyres offers three different kinds of tread patterns. They are directional tread patterns, asymmetric tread patterns and symmetric tread patterns.

The directional tyres can roll in only one direction which is why they are common in winter tyres. The symmetric tyre is the most common kind of tyre in passenger cars. Whereas asymmetric tread patterns are a dual design which intensifies their performance on the road. That is why they are common on the race tracks.

Rubber Compound

The rubber compound of the tyre allows the rubber to remain soft during summers and hard in cold winters. The rubber quality also affects the durability and longevity of the tyre. The quality rubber material is capable of resisting overheating and also prevents tyre failure. That is why it is important to purchase a tyre with high-quality rubber material. In addition to all the above, a quality rubber material also offers better speed performance.


Michelin Tyres Bolton can be complex but buying a compatible tyre is also important. We aim to help our customers find a tyre which will offer them better performance and an exhilarating driving experience. Visit us to explore a wide range of tyres.

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