What are the benefits of a wooden tv stand?

wood tv stand

There is a multitude of materials for TV stands, particleboard, metal, glass or even raw wood, each with its characteristics. Are you in the middle of a question to choose your furniture? Bet on wood, a safe bet that will never make you regret your purchase. Walnut, pine or oak, and wood are one of the preferred materials for your TV stand. Why is this material by far the best for your TV stand and furnishings in general? Discover our arguments below!

A noble material that supports the weight of the TV

Solid wood is undoubtedly the strongest material of all and you are going to need it because your TV stand will accommodate rather heavy and expensive high-tech equipment. Imagine for a second that under the weight of your flat screen, home cinema, box and consoles, your furniture collapses because you have not properly assessed its solidity. You risk biting your fingers!

By choosing a solid wood TV stand, you avoid these kinds of questions. A TV stand in oak or exotic wood will support all your equipment, withstand shocks and pass the test of time hands down. It is a living material which not only does not age and becomes more beautiful over time. If your furniture has value, financial or sentimental, you can bequeath it to your children who can pass it on from generation to generation.

And durable that requires little maintenance

A wooden TV stand requires little maintenance. You can dust it easily with a damp cloth, without any other product in particular, so far so good. If your furniture is not varnished, never use cleaning wipes, remember that wood is a living material that needs to be nourished.

If you are unsure of its finish, you can do a test. Put some methylated spirit on a white cloth and pass it over a small non-visible piece of furniture, if it takes on its colour, it is waxed furniture, otherwise, it is varnished furniture. Now that you have determined the finish of your furniture, you can wax it once a year to restore its shine. In the event of a stain, use a mixture of linseed oil and turpentine for varnished wooden furniture and a damp cloth impregnated with black soap for waxed furniture.

Available in many styles and finishes

A wooden TV stand does not necessarily rhyme with old furniture, you can find completely different styles with this material. Fall for the industrial look of aged wood with black metal legs for a resolute loft decoration. Succumb to the essence of dark woods with the class of black ebony or the dark brown of Sucupira. Melt for the sleek look of the Scandinavian style with acacia wood furniture. A wooden TV unit will warm up the atmosphere of your living room and give this warm side that we like to find in this room.

Of course, in addition to being aesthetic, your TV stand must also be functional. Do not skimp on the number of stores that will accompany your furniture, drawers, niches, hinged doors or even sliding doors. You can thus perfectly store the various remote controls, console controllers or even video games that sometimes clutter up the coffee table.

And who can resell at a good price

By buying your wooden TV stand, you ensure that you can resell it easily and at a good price. First of all, solid wood is the chameleon material par excellence, it can be recycled or given a makeover. It is highly acclaimed by second-hand dealers and interior designers who like to work with this material.

Then its longevity keeps it in nearly the same condition as when you bought it, which means that if you get tired of it, you can make a few small changes yourself and get it back to your liking or taste. from your buyer. Sometimes it just takes a few things, like changing the handles or modifying the legs of your wooden TV stand. A patina can also be the most beautiful effect.

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