Top 10 UI Design Trends in 2022

We're going to see a major shift in UI design in the coming year. In 2022, we'll be living and working with top UI trends that change the design industry.
UI design trends

UI design is the process of designing user interfaces to facilitate easy consumer interpretation. These interfaces are designed mainly for software and computerized devices to ensure ease of usage. Designers aim to improvise creative ways to find interfaces that are easy to use and pleasurable. 

However, UI design trends are dynamic and change overnight. One must keep up with the UI design trends to stand out among competitors and achieve their marketing goals. Let us look at the popular UI interface design trends of 2022.

1: Minimalism

When smartphones first appeared, designers preferred realism for software UI designs. It was to simplify users’ transactions from the real world to the digital. However, as time passed and users became familiar with digital platforms, designers incorporated minimalism in their website design. It enabled visitors to utilize advanced functionality with ease. 

A minimalist UI design presents a professional and clear image of a software or website to its users. On top of that, a minimalistic design interface requires less time and fewer resources. It obliterates funky elements, increases website load speed, and helps with an enhanced consumer experience.

2: GlassMorphism

GlassMorphism is among the popular UI design trends of 2022. It became popular back in 2020. Its main characteristic is achieving background separation by using transparencies and blurs. This effect resembles frosted glass. It makes design elements look like they are lying behind an imaginary glass screen. Other factors of Glassmorphism aesthetics include:

  • Floating objects and a clean look provide a multi-layered effect and create a pleasing experience for the consumer’s eyes. 
  • Background colors are among the essential elements of Glassomorphism. Creative usage of colors makes these effects visible.
  • Borders with subtle colors seem like a frame on the glass edge. It creates an eye-pleasing effect and enhances the consumer effect.

3: Brutalism

Another trend entering from 2021 to 22 is brutalism. Designers see it as a counter-trend for all the designs full of gradients, shadows, and smiling 3d characters. Its elements include flat designs, strong outlines, contrasting colors, bold typography and real-life photography. Brutalism goes well with the brand image of quirky and creative brands and individuals.

It is best for increasing brand awareness and leaving a lasting effect on consumers’ minds. It helps designers stand out from their competition and excel in their design endeavors. However, one must be very sure going with such bold design themes. The primary considerations include audience preferences and business relevance.

4: Eco-conscious designs

Consumers are getting more eco-conscious every year. Most of them now opt for eco-friendly solutions for their everyday requirements. 2022 is the right time to incorporate that eco look and feel into digital products. 

More and more brands in 2022 are catching up with this trend. You can relate it to the cardboard and spray-like design elements. It is because the background is usually greyish to resemble recyclable cardboard. Eco-friendly design features minimal typography and high contrast. The colors are strict and seem a little light in nature. It does not comprise the use of 3D objects. Instead, it comprises real-life photography, textures, and doodles. 

5: Dark mode

Dark mode has recently become popular amongst UI designers. It is a popular user interface (UI) theme that changes the traditional white background into black. It ensures an easy-to-read yet elegant appearance. There are several ways a dark mode theme can add value to a UI design:

  • If the gadget has an OLED or AMOLED screen, the battery life is prolonged.
  • It helps increase text readability.
  • It reduces eye strain for a user using the device at night.
  • It reduces skin glare by minimizing the use of blue light. 

6: Animation

UI animation is becoming popular as a design trend in 2022. It is the easiest way to grab consumer attention and build a strong brand image. The last few years have seen a significant surge in unique animation designs. Let us discuss some of the most popular animation design trends. 

  • 3D motion graphics add movement to the website design. Movement grabs consumer attention and helps increase engagement. 
  • Transition-based animations, known as morphing, utilize several shapes and images to convey a specific message to website visitors. 
  • Anthropomorphism refers to non-living elements showcasing human characteristics. It is a scientific way to grab consumer attention towards certain website elements
  • Moving text, also known as kinetic typography is among the flourishing animation trends of 2022.

7: Bold Typography

Web typography is getting bigger and bolder. It has seen a sudden surge in the year 2022. It is a natural way to draw consumer attention to information. There are various typography styles you can utilize to create high-quality content based on their target audience preferences and business theme. 

In 2022, typography is getting bigger and bolder. It puts huge text right in users’ faces telling them what to do next. It facilitates a deep connection between the visitors and the writer. 

8: Flat design

Flat design is among the flourishing UI design trends of 2022. It mainly improvises bright colors and 2-dimensional elements. Initially, flat designs were a tool to facilitate responsive designs where a website’s content scales smoothly depending upon the device screen dimensions. 

However, besides its popularity, there are some setbacks to flat designs. The absence of three-dimensional effects makes it look outdated and decreases consumer attention. On the other hand, buttons on the flat design do not appear distinctive from other UI design elements. 

9: Illustration

As a UI trend, the illustration makes your product unique and helps you stand out from your competition. It has become an essential part of user interfaces serving as a functional element and a tool for communicating with your target audience. 

It is the designer’s preferred way of conveying complex concepts and processes by visual interpretation. Custom illustration has evolved from stock images and gives a unique visual appeal to your design and conveys your product story. 

10: Retro UI

Retro UI designs are making a comeback in 2022. With the majority of website designs focusing on funky UI designs such as brutalism and bold typography, retro UI design is a way for businesses to stand out from their competition. It brings an element of variety to the UI designs.

Retro UI is among the oldest forms of UI design. Designers refer to it as the design themes that were popular in the 90s. With time, UI design rules evolved, and designs became more aesthetic. UX designs of the 1990s will feel a bit outlandish when you see them today. 

It is better to experiment with it on one of your website landing pages and monitor your audience behavior before making it live on your target audience behavior. 


Tons of website UI design trends are emerging this year. You must acquaint yourself with them to excel in your UI designs and stand out from your competition. If you haven’t already, you must invest in creative UI designs. Businesses in 2022 have been actively seeking the best web design company with the knowledge, expertise, and experience for any project, regardless of industry or scope. 

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