Top Ideas: Discover the Ibiza in All its Glory

You must have heard of Ibiza, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean. Ibiza is widely known as a popular tourist destination where everyone dreams of spending their holidays. From magical beaches and amazing parties to world heritage sites, this Spanish island has something to offer. Let’s see what a tourist needs to know for the perfect vacation.

The best way to travel around the island is by car, so we advise you to rent a car. Arriving in Ibiza by plane, use the services of car hire Ibiza Airport.

Travel Hack Ideas for Casual Travelers in Ibiza, Spain

Below you will find useful tips tested by many tourists:

Save on accommodation

Ibiza makes good money on tourists who are willing to pay any price for their comfort. Living on this island is expensive, especially for those closer to popular beaches and attractions. We recommend choosing a remote location with relatively low demand – the price will be much lower. To afford it without wasting time on travel in stuffy transport, take care of a personal vehicle.

Vehicle – think about it in advance

You can choose a comfortable car and travel in comfort, escaping the heat in an air-conditioned car. Rental cars in Ibiza make it easy to plan your trip without wasting time on public transport.
Ibiza Airport car rentals provide you with the following reliable companies:

  • Budget
  • Avis
  • Hertz
  • Sixt
  • Flizzr
  • Thrifty
  • Europcar
  • InterRent
  • Hertz

Renting a car in Spain is allowed from the age of 18, however, please note that you need to pay more if you fall into the category of a young driver (under 25 years old). If you are an experienced driver, you can significantly reduce the cost of car insurance.
Lifehack for renting a car in Spain: choose a car with a manual transmission – it’s cheaper than an automatic transmission.

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Familiarize yourself with the penalty system

Spanish law does not make exceptions for tourists, so carefully read the fine system – it is very different from the American one. Remember that for an incorrectly parked car, you risk getting a huge fine with confiscation of the car to the penalty area. It spoils the mood, especially if the car is rented.
Also, heavy fines are provided for drunk drivers. Get behind the wheel exceptionally sober!

Watch out for personal safety

Each tourist season in Ibiza is marked by some kind of incident. Be careful not to ruin your holiday. In Ibiza, as everywhere in Spain, petty theft is common. Keep things to yourself, avoid scammers and watch your car!
If you are travelling with a group, make sure that at least one person stays sober and looks after the others. Ibiza is a multicultural space, and the Spaniards are very emotional: be polite and try not to get into conflicts. Do not buy drugs at parties, so as not to wake up in the nearest hospital, there are many such unpleasant cases.

Try to make friends with the staff

Be friendly to service personnel in bars, hotels, and restaurants. Spaniards appreciate sincerity and open communication; it is easy to make friends with them. The locals will sincerely reciprocate and advise you on the best activities, itineraries, and parties. Before you travel, learn a few common and polite phrases in Spanish – the Spaniards will definitely appreciate your efforts.

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Plan ahead

In order not to languish in a stuffy queue and not to leave upset due to a lack of seats, try to buy all tickets in advance. You can book a hotel room before departure, rent the right car and buy tickets to see the sights in advance. Most thematic sites offer online booking. Check out Ibiza Spotlight to keep up to date with all the events.

Get ready for the heat

The climate of Spain is not suitable for everyone. If you find it difficult to tolerate heat, we recommend avoiding the hottest months in Spain (July, and August). Be prepared for the fact that despite the heat, air conditioning systems do not work perfectly and are not even available everywhere. Be sure to check the availability of air conditioning in the hotel you are booking.
Spare no sunscreen: tourists will suffer from the merciless Spanish sun even in early spring and late autumn. A useful purchase is a portable fan – it will save you from heat stroke in rooms with poor ventilation.
Siesta is an amazing Spanish tradition of sleeping in the middle of the day, it helps to wait out the hottest hours and gain strength before night events. Please note that during the siesta hours, many shops and establishments close for a break and open around 5 pm.

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Discover local cuisine

Holidays in Ibiza are a great opportunity to get acquainted with traditional Spanish cuisine. Many establishments offer set meals at certain hours. These meals offer a daily variety on the menu at a fixed price. You get a full meal (main course, appetizer, drink, and dessert) for about $20.
In addition to sangria and classic cocktails, enjoy popular local drinks such as tinto de verano, Copa, and local wine.


Ibiza is as beautiful as a dream, and you will get many positive emotions by following the tips in this article. We wish you a pleasant holiday without incident!

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