Top 7 Ways to Gain Customers for Your Thrift Store

Thrift stores were once considered a place for buying low-end used merchandise. But nowadays, many thrift stores are taking on an upscale approach to selling trendy but vintage items. The market for affordable yet quality products is now booming. Therefore, selling vintage clothes through thrift shops has become a profitable business. Are you planning to start a thrift store business? In that case, you’ll need to bring in new customers so that your business keeps growing.

To rope in fresh consumers, you’ll need a mix and match of traditional and modern methods of marketing. The thrift store point-of-sale system is beneficial in making the payment processes smoother for the customers.

Listed below are the top 7 ways in which your thrift store will always have customers flocking in:

  • Streamline Operations

Generally, POS systems reduce the time spent scanning items during a purchase. It also aids in quicker payments and allows the operations of your store to continue as smoothly as possible. You can manage all the miscellaneous services like tracking customer purchases and printing receipts if you invest in the best thrift store point of sale systems.

  • Mobility of the store

The owner of a thrift store needs to consider the location of the store. Is your store situated in one or multiple locations? A good POS system for thrift stores makes it possible for your business to move from one place to another. The staff of the store can work from anywhere possible and process transactions easily.

  • Loyalty programs for the Customers

Customers always prefer loyalty programs as they are a great way to encourage businesses and sales. You can easily build a base of regular and loyal shoppers by offering discounts and special deals to customers. They will, in turn, help grow your sales. Loyalty programs are an excellent way to get fresh customers through the door. This is done by encouraging them to sign up for these programs when they make their first purchase, or whenever they’d want to.

  • Advertise your inventory online

Thrift stores can also try and put up most of their inventory online. This makes it easier for someone who has seen an item they think a friend would love and can forward that link. Customers keen to purchase from the online inventory will complete the checkout faster with a thrift store point of sale installed. Moreover, it will be easier for you to keep a track of all the payments.

  • Host events

Many thrift stores allow customers to host gatherings and events in their premises. Why don’t you offer a pop-up sale on the garments or showcase them as a part of any show in that event? Each time that your thrift store hosts a public event, there arises the possibility of roping in new customers. Many of the attendees might become potential customers if they have never been exposed to your store before.

  • The Power of Great Customer Service

Treating your customers the right way is one of the best methods to drive more business and other potential customers. “Word-of-mouth referrals are probably more relevant in the resale industry than in other forms of retail,” says Meyer. This means that the retail and thrift shops need to do all that is possible to meet the customers’ needs. This will make the old customers keep coming back. Also, with the store’s goodwill increasing, new shoppers will start flocking in. With an experience over 10,000 POS system installations, you can trust Retail Control Systems to automate your thrift stores. Apart from this, look for cannabis pos systems they offer in case you need one for your dispensary.

  • Smart and Fair Pricing Strategies

A lot of people trying to save money may opt to shop from thrift stores. The discounted prices and superior payment systems compel customers to shop from there. With a point-of-sale management system in thrift stores, the prices of the items can be changed at any time. They can also be put up for sale depending on the crowd. Such sales would encourage the consumers to go and shop at your store and get their money’s worth. Customers don’t need to queue up for long. As consumer conduct and preferences continue to evolve in a rapidly changing world, the benefits, security and effortless mode of such payments will continue to grow.

There are a lot of thrift stores that fail to strike a balance between the traditional and the newer methods of reaching out to shoppers. If you are the owner of a thrift store, you are aware that just keeping track of cash registers and stock is not the only way to maintain your business. You need to gain more customers for your store to keep it flourishing. This comprehensive list will help you to get more business for your store.

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