Top 6 Apps To Add Instagram Feed On Shopify

Add Instagram Feed On Shopify

Adding an Instagram feed on Shopify has become essential for brands and businesses to achieve their objectives.

And to help brands in this pursuit of theirs, several apps have popped into the market. Each app has a unique selling point and brings something different. 

Selecting the right one that syncs with your objectives is essential, and this blog will help you with that.
Let’s go through the top 6 apps you should go through if you want to add an Instagram Shopify feed.

Top 6 Apps To Add Instagram Feed On Shopify

1. Taggshop

Taggshop is a social commerce app for online business stores that allows them to create and publish Shoppable Instagram feeds, UGC Galleries, visual shopping galleries, and customer reviews on their website to drive sales and boost sales engagement, improve the shopping experience, and build social proof.

Taggshop is used by famous brands worldwide to grow their businesses, including hundreds of BigCommerce brands.

You can also discover social influencers, manage UGC rights, create social content campaigns, track performance, and deliver UGC marketing campaigns.

Taggshop’s goal is to assist brands in creating a successful campaign that allows them to increase conversions while also providing superior customer experience, brand image, and identity building.

2. Shop Instagram Feed & UGC By Growave

Shop Instagram Feed & UGC is an excellent Instagram feed app we’d like to recommend. The app also raises your brand’s profile by displaying social proof from customers who have purchased your products.

This app allows you to embed Instagram feeds from users who tag the product name into your product pages. 

After that, you can approve the photos you want to see and have a full feed of user-generated content that shows your product in action.

In the gallery, you can also use instant purchasing to make it easier for users to click and buy. Conversions can also be tracked using the built-in analytics tool. 

These essential features combine to make Shop Instagram Feed & UGC one of the best Shopify Instagram feed apps.

Finally, if you enjoy scrutinizing numbers to understand your Instagram feed performance better, Shop Instagram Feed & UGC has you covered with analytics tools.

3. Instagram Feed + Photo Gallery By Space Squirrel

Instagram Feed + Photo Gallery is one of the most potent Instagram feed apps for Shopify sellers. 

By creating seasonal ‘lookbooks,’ encouraging users to leave photo reviews, and creating hero image slideshows, this Shopify app allows you to showcase your products uniquely. All of this is made possible by Instagram integration.

User-generated content has increased sales by enhancing your brand’s credibility. Use post-purchase email campaigns to solicit user photo reviews on Instagram by offering discounts and shoutouts to increase your UGC bank.

Users can buy products directly from their Instagram feeds and select different variants without being redirected to the product pages. 

You can automatically create product-specific galleries by including tags in your Instagram photos and encouraging customers to do the same.

Analytics are also included, allowing you to track conversions about your objectives and making this one of the best Shopify apps for Instagram feeds.

4. Sauce Social Commerce By SNPT

Sauce Social Commerce by SNPT is a Shopify feed app that merchants should be aware of. This is one of the most versatile and robust Instagram feed apps on this list.

Instagram Shop, like many other apps mentioned on this list of the best Shopify Instagram feed apps, allows you to create shoppable Instagram feeds in your store. 

By actively seeking out photo reviews and tracking when customers upload pictures of your products, it uses user-generated content to build trust with potential customers.

This Instagram feed app is stunning and unique in that it allows you to connect with Instagram influencers to boost your marketing efforts even further.

5. Instagram Feed By Slider Raptor

The slider raptor can auto-refresh your feed content and display real-time content in your store. You can provide new content to your customers each time they visit.

You can also make changes to your store’s needs with the availability of various feed customizations. This app also supports Shopify 2.0 themes and app blocks, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

With its new Instagram Graph API, you can easily display your Instagram feed images in slider or grid format on your store.

6. Shoppable Instagram Feed By Powr.Io

Powr’s Instagram feed app allows you to easily showcase your products by creating a live feed of your images or videos. This app will enable you to combine multiple social feeds into a single one.

This saves you significant time when working with your social feeds. You can also curate photos and videos to display in your shoppable feed. 

You can also direct your followers to your product page with a Buy Now button so they can quickly check out.

Up To You!

This blog contains some of the best apps in the market that would help you add an Instagram feed on Shopify. Now, It is up to you to select the one that would match your business objectives.

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