Tips on How to Create a YouTube gaming channel 

YouTube gaming channel 

Stabilise a YouTube gaming channel is not easy. Since the platform undergoes many changes each year, and trends change rapidly, producing game content without the right tools and approach won’t work.

On this page, you will find the definitive YouTube Gamer Setup Guide, which will assist you in deciding what equipment your videos will require and what kind of content you will produce. Keep reading to learn more about expanding your channel in 2022 from experts. Then, you can move on to setting up your setup and thinking.

Here are some tips to get your YouTube gaming channel started

Choosing a genre and game to play

It is essential to understand what genre of games you enjoy playing before choosing your genre. Selecting games you enjoy will make creating constant content easier. It is common advice to find popular games and understand their update schedule, but the chances of you continuing to create materials for those games are extremely small unless you enjoy playing them.

Focus on one game at a time

If you plan on launching a YouTube channel, you will want to play every game you own. The popularity of Fortnite might make you consider uploading some footage. I agree with this advice. Even though YouTube’s algorithm is complicated, it seems to favour simple content strategies. Many creators expanded their channels quickly, which we found pleasing.

Choosing the right gaming equipment

How do I start a YouTube gaming channel? What tools do I need? If you want to make your videos look better, you can do the following:

  • Using a microphone

Most gamers add narration to their recordings, especially those who are currently playing a game. It is important to invest in high-quality audio for viewers to follow the action.

  • Using a screen recording 

Recording gameplay is possible with the right software on the console (PS4, Xbox One, etc.).

  • Using a digital camera

Cameras such as DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and webcams can be used. It is necessary to have a camera while playing games to record yourself.

  • Lighting

Your audience shouldn’t be obtuse. Take a well-lit picture if you want to display your face.

  • Green screen

Green screens are commonly used by players for live streaming. Since the background behind them is removed, only the streamer’s figure is visible on the screen.

  • Gaming desk setup

For any serious gamer, a gaming desk setup is essential. Organizing your gaming area and keeping it neat can help you to stay organized. You must make your desk as comfortable as possible for you.

Keywords are important

The name of your channel is one of the most important things you need to consider. Gamers shouldn’t have any problems with the process. You should start by playing the video game you’re playing. Make use of your game’s name as a keyword in your YouTube channel to help it rank higher.

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Titles and thumbnails for YouTube

There is only one thing that attracts viewers: the video title and thumbnail. Users are more likely to click on your content when they see these two elements combined. In YouTube search results, you can move up by having a good video title. Finding popular YouTube keywords that aren’t too competitive will help you produce excellent and click-worthy titles.

It’s not enough to get a better YouTube ranking. Once you’ve done that, your video’s thumbnail should inspire more clicks.

Your video’s opening should be entertaining and succinct

YouTube’s algorithm interprets low retention as a negative signal. In other words, you shouldn’t recommend your video over others if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Upload regular videogames

Set up a YouTube channel for gaming only if you’re committed to uploading frequently. Weekly YouTube publishing is the best way to grow and expand your YouTube audience.

With YouTube’s content, it has become easier to target the right audience. It does not matter how many videos you upload per month or how many you upload every day, YouTube will continually recommend your content.


There are many advantages to playing video games on YouTube, including entertainment, challenge, thrills, and competition. Working hard can also be rewarding if you are willing to put in the effort. Developing a successful, happy, and financially stable career as a gaming-related YouTuber requires a lot of effort. You should always keep your information consistent, be genuine, and select a format that fits your needs.

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