Tips and Technique For Polishing Your Car

Machine Polishing

Here we will discuss the basic methods to polish your car for perfect automobile detailing. Car detailing is not exactly scientific. For many enthusiasts, the ability to select the correct car techniques is an important aspect of a successful vehicle. Using different products and materials that could be damaged can be beneficial to automobile owners as well as help them learn to do it. 

Polishing is a vital part of car detailing. It mainly focuses to enhance the paint & colour of your automobile. As time passes, your automobile will lose its new-like exterior shine. To put it a stop the best solution is to polish your car. However, most of you may think this process a tough one and tend to skip it or take your automobile to a detailing shop. Believe us, you can save a lot of money if you learn by yourself. It is not something very tricky though. If you are willing to give it a try then here are the basic two methods of car polishing.

Hand Polishing 

This is the easiest method for beginners. You can understand by the title that all you need to do is use your hands to polish your automobile. There is a misunderstanding that anyone can not do car polishing without using a power tool or a polisher. This concept is absolutely wrong. In fact, nowadays there are automobile detailing products are available which does not require any power tool.

However, hand polishing can restore a bit of shine in a paint job. If you can do it properly following the exact given method then the result may seem better. There are some products you need to do hand polishing. All you will have to use here are microfiber sheets and polishing agents such as Reverse Car Scrub Remover. Polishing materials are usually pasted with tiny abrasive particles. When you rub the pastes on the paint, abrasions scrape out the topmost layer on the clear coating and also remove light scratches. 

Hand Polishing Process

Unlike washing and wax, polishing occurs in small circular motions while gently moving the pads side-on-side and side-on. Start the process by covering a small area at a time. Do not apply the product on the whole surface at a time. If you do so then the process will seem hard and exhausting. If you cover a small area, keep rubbing for a while then move to the next area, you will get a better result. Also, it will seem much easier for you.

The result of hand polishing totally depends on how you apply the products and on your hand skills. As a beginner you may not get the best out of it, just keep trying for a better result. If you do this a few times then in near future you will get a result that may match machine polishing just by using your hand. But there aren’t many good detailers whose paints will be polished manually, even for luxury sports cars and exotic automobiles. You should learn a lot before you buy a car.

Machine Polishing 

For those of you who are seeking the best result with your efforts, there is no better option other than using a power tool. As you have already guessed that machine polishing refers to polishing your automobile using a power tool. And, the machine that is used in polishing is known as a Buffer Polisher. When polishing the car in an instant with fantastic results, get mechanical support.

Machine polishing is more effective compared to hand polishing. It also will save you time providing a better result at a time. Buffer polisher machines are not something very fancy as you might have thought. You can easily get one at a cheaper price. That is why we always recommend every automobile owner to have a polisher.

Machine Polishing Process

To start machine polishing the first thing you need to do is choose a buffer polisher. There are several types of buffer polishers available in the market. Different types are suited for different types of automobiles & users. For a complete guideline and to choose the Best Car Buffer Polisher, you may follow this link.

While using a buffer polisher, make sure that the power tool has a foam pad attached to it. This foam pad is similar to the foam pad you may use for hand polishing. There is just an extra point that will keep it attached to the buffer polisher. Put the machine on 3 or 4; this is the best setting for beginners to polish an automobile. Now choose the right Polishing Compound for your vehicle (Polishing compounds are also known as polish/polish paste). Apply a generous amount of compound onto the car. Now bring the machine to the surface of your automobile and turn it on. First, move the machine side to side and then front to back. Cover a small area at a time, do not overdo it. Thus you can get a better result.

Precautions of Machine Polishing

Polishing machines and buffers are initially intimidating and can cause severe damage to paint completely if not properly used. Most buffer polishers are quite powerful that may cause scratches on the car’s surface in an instant if not used properly. That is why we strongly suggest you get a couple of panels from a junkyard and then test and practice on them first. Thus you can be risk-free even while polishing your car for the first time. 

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