Treks in Uttarakhand

The Best 6 Treks in Uttarakhand

In the northwestern part of India, Uttarakhand is a state that was formerly known as Uttaranchal. It’s full of natural beauty and adventure, with some amazing treks to explore. Here are six treks in Uttarakhand that are perfect for all ages, skill levels, and interests.

Best Treks in Uttarakhand

If you’re looking for an adventure, Uttarakhand is the perfect place to go. With plenty of great treks to be had, there’s something for everyone. Some of the most popular treks in Uttarakhand are listed here.

Valley of Flowers Trek

The Valley of Flowers is a beautiful alpine meadow in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been awarded as one of India’s best treks. The trek starts from Pauri Garhwal and ends at Hemkund Sahib, passing through some beautiful waterfalls along the way. You will be able to see different flora and fauna like leopards, wild elephants, bison, etc. while traveling through this area which makes it even more exciting!

Roopkund Lake Trek

Roopkund is a beautiful lake located in the Garhwal Himalayas at an elevation of 4,694 meters (15,817 feet). It is surrounded by several peaks including Annapurna I and II, Dhauliganga, and Nanda Devi. This place offers some of the most beautiful views in Uttarakhand.

This trek takes you through forests, pastures, tea gardens, and temples before reaching Roopkund Base Camp. The first night after leaving Nanda Devi base camp will be spent at Parsikot village where you will be able to see the sunrise over mountains and glaciers. On your way to Roopkund Lake, you will pass through fields where you can spot some rare flowers such as yellow pheasant’s tongue orchid, blue gentian, and yellow iris. The journey will take about two days back-to-back.

Dodital Trek

If you’re looking for a round-trip trek in Uttarakhand that can be completed in 3-4 days, Dodital Trek is the one for you. The trek begins from Joshimath and ends at Dodital, which is located at an elevation of 2,600 meters (8,500 feet).

This beautiful destination offers views of snow-capped mountains and glaciers as well as flora and fauna like ibexes and chamois.

Winter Treks in Uttarakhand

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha trek is a moderate trek in Uttarakhand, which is easy to do. It takes around 5-6 days to complete this trek and you need to reach Pindari at the end of it. Kedardhana peak stands at an elevation of 6403 mts above sea level so it’s technically not considered a low point as many other mountains in Uttarakhand but still, this can be done as an introductory route to mountain climbing for beginners or those who want to get started with their first adventure holiday!

The best time to visit Kedarkantha peak is during July or August when temperatures are cooler than during other months and fewer tourists are visiting the area.

Kuari Pass Trek

The Kuari Pass trek is a difficult one and it’s best done in the summer. The altitude at which you’ll be trekking makes this an extremely challenging trek, but if you’re up for it, this is one of your best chances to see some incredible views of the Himalayas. It’s also worth noting that due to its difficulty and limited accessibility (and lack of oxygen), this is best done with a guide who knows what they’re doing!

Har Ki Dun Trek

The Har Ki Dun trek is a moderate-difficulty trek that takes you to some of the most spectacular views of Garhwal. It’s an ideal trip for those who want to experience the heavenly beauty of this region and also enjoy moderate hiking with their friends or family members.

The best time to go on this trail is from June to September, as it has fewer tourists and offers more opportunities for solitude and peace. If you’re looking for an adventurous adventure holiday with plenty of excitement, then this may not be your cup of tea—but if you’re looking for a quiet escape into nature then it could be just what you need!

These 6 treks offer a great variety in terms of experience and difficulty.

The six treks offered by Uttarakhand Tourism Department are:

Trishul Peak (4,658 m) – an easy trek, it takes 2-3 hours to complete and offers breathtaking views of the Trishul peak. It’s also a great place to view the sunrise or sunset.

Binsar Kailash (5,178 m) – this is another popular trek that takes around 4 hours to complete with a total elevation gain of 1,600 meters (5 miles). There are several caves along this route that can be explored if you want more exciting things to do while hiking in Uttarakhand!


These treks in Uttarakhand are popular in the region and you’re sure to have a great time. The best part about these treks in Uttarakhand is that they’re all relatively close to your home, so even if you don’t have enough time for one, there are other options available that may suit your needs better than any of these six.

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