Should You Fill Your Tyres With Nitrogen?

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This is a new trend to fill nitrogen in the car Kumho Tyres Crawley. It is quite popular since car drivers think there must be some good reasons for the use of nitrogen. However, now all drivers are fully aware of the use of nitrogen gas in car tyres.

Generally, we follow a trend because others are following it. The case of using nitrogen in tyres is another example of this fact. 

Wise drivers do not make any decision without thinking about the pros and cons of anything they use their vehicles.

Therefore, you must enhance your knowledge about nitrogen gas in tyres before you fill it in your Mobile Tyre Fitting Crawley.

Difference Between Nitrogen and air

Air is a mixture of different gases. Nitrogen is also present in the air and it covers 78% of the air. Oxygen is 21 percent of air. Water vapours and gases like CO2, neon and argon are also present in the air.

As you see, nitrogen is a pure gas while air is a mixture of gases. Nitrogen is the larger participant in air. It is an inert and dry gas. 

The rate of air loss

The rubber material of tyres naturally loses some air through its tiny pores. It will happen with nitrogen as well. However, the rate of pressure loss will be different if you have nitrogen in your tyres. According to the experts, nitrogen has larger molecules in the comparison with air. Therefore, it will seep out of the tyres slowly.

As a result, you can leave your tyres without checking the inflation level for a longer period. So, it is a clear benefit of nitrogen.

Air is Moist and Nitrogen is Dry

Air has water vapours. It condenses at a cooler temperature and water vapours turn into water. Thus, the metals used in the tyres may oxidise to reduce the life of the tyre rim and the tyre.

It means, there is no chance of moisture in the components of the car tyres. As a result, metal parts of tyres would not corrode and they will have a longer life.

Nitrogen improves the fuel economy as well

Your tyres will ensure better fuel economy if you inflate them correctly. If nitrogen is filled in your tyres, your tyres will run on roads at the correct PSI for a longer period. However, nitrogen will not stop the loss of air completely but the rate will be slower than the rate of air loss in tyres.

Correct PSI will ensure proper fuel economy. Therefore, nitrogen helps you to ensure correct fuel economy as well.

Things in Favour of Air

As mentioned above, nitrogen seems extremely useful if you fill it in your car tyres. However, there are certain things that you have to consider as well.

First of all, you have to think about your budget. Nitrogen is not free. On the other hand, the air is available without any cost. So, you will have the benefits of tyre inflation without spending even a single coin.

The second considerable thing is availability. Air is available everywhere. To get nitrogen for your tyres, you need to visit a certain service station.

Making a suitable infrastructure is an essential step if you wish to have nitrogen everywhere.

Is mixing nitrogen with air possible?

It may happen that you already have nitrogen in your tyres but now, you cannot find a service station that has nitrogen. You may fill the air to solve this problem. Filling the air with nitrogen in tyres would not cause any harmful effects. However, you would not get the benefits of nitrogen.

You have to check the nitrogen inflation as well

If you are ready to pay and there is no issue of availability, you may use nitrogen in your car tyres. But do not forget to check the inflation level of your tyres as you normally did when the air fills in your tyres. However, nitrogen will take a longer time to seep out but finally, your tyres will become under-inflated. Therefore, checking the inflation level is mandatory also even if you have nitrogen in your tyres.


Both nitrogen and air will inflate your tyres. Both will help the tyres to perform their functions. One is free and the other is available at a certain price. Now it is your own choice to fill nitrogen or air in your car tyres. Finally, you have to consider that nitrogen is useful but filling air has no drawbacks. Compare and determine yourself. 

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