How Many Club Sets Can You Unlock in Mario Golf: Super Rush?

How Many Club Sets Can You Unlock in Mario Golf: Super Rush?

In Mario Golf: Super Rush, you can unlock 16 different club sets and characters. Each character has a set of character points that are required to unlock their special club. For example, to unlock a star club, you need to collect at least 1,000 character points. To find out how many you need, you can go to the Characters menu and tap on Play Stats. Then, you can find your character points at the bottom right of the character page.

Character Points

Character points in Mario Golf can be used to upgrade your characters in various ways. For instance, you can use character points to unlock special clubs that enhance your character’s swing. However, to fully customize a character’s swing, you must acquire a certain number of character points. This will help you progress through the game more quickly.

You can earn Character Points by playing in a variety of golf modes, including the solo and challenge modes. When you gain Character Points, they are only transferred to the character you are currently playing as. You can also collect Character Points by completing Solo Challenges, which reward your character for specific playstyles.


Mario Golf has many unlockables, including a variety of outfits and courses. Some of these items are optional, while others can be purchased for coins. For example, you can unlock the Range Finder, which will allow you to see how far your shots are from the nearest point. You can also purchase spinner shots, which will help you land your shots straight and save coins.

Unlockables can also be unlocked by playing through the game’s Ranked Match mode. In this mode, players can earn points by beating higher-ranked opponents. Players can also choose an alternate color for their character.

Rookie Course

To unlock more club sets, you can talk to NPCs and earn character points. These are earned in a different way than experience points. When you earn enough character points, you will be able to unlock alternate club sets and the Super Star Set. For this, you must play at least 300 rounds. It takes about 40 minutes to unlock each alternate set, and two hours and forty minutes to unlock all the characters.

The first Mario Golf game that is available for the Nintendo Switch has a variety of club sets that you can unlock. As you progress through the story mode, you’ll be able to unlock different sets. You can also unlock different characters and their different golf skills.

Super Star Clubs

Mario Golf offers many different types of golf clubs to choose from. Each type has a special effect that can affect your swing. They can also increase the angle of your shots or change your stats. There are several ways to unlock different clubs, so it’s best to learn them all and build up your collection.

To unlock new Star Clubs in Mario Golf, you’ll need to earn character points. These are earned by playing the game and using different characters. These points are rewarded in the “Play Stats” area. Once you reach a specific amount, you’ll unlock new club types.

The rest of the golf courses

In Mario Golf: Super Rush, you get a starter pack of clubs, which you can use to play a variety of courses. You can also buy different sets of golf clubs by spending character points. As you progress through the game, you can also unlock additional golf courses and unlock alternate outfits.

The golf course in New Donk City has 18 holes, and you can play it at two difficulty levels: amateur and pro. There’s also a ranked match mode, in which you compete with other players online. Depending on how many points you accumulate each month, you can advance to higher rankings.

Super Rush is one of the most fun modes in the game. You can choose to play the classic course called the Rookie Course or one of the more zany courses like Bonny Greens. You can also play the courses from Mario Odyssey, which will appeal to fans of the game.

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