Joyfully hosting the Knockerball event at the University


What is a Knockerball?

Playing Bubble Soccer and other sports requires players to wear Knockerballs, which are plastic globes. When you’re running around and playing games with these Knockerballs, it’s hard to believe you’re getting a lot of exercise!

At last night’s Knockerball event, hosted by the University Activities Board, or UAB, large bubbles were seen rolling across the grass. Students competed in teams to knock each other down while wearing plastic bubbles.

Business freshman Holly Personnel noted, “I have never done anything like that; it was very unique. The posters led people to believe it would be soccer, but it was another sport.

After registering and completing forms, students engaged in two different kinds of games. The first required taking out everyone to be the last bubble standing, and the second required teamwork in order to be successful.

How safe is bubble soccer

Wearing full-body protection, bubble soccer is technically safe. As a result of a 16-year-old playing bubble soccer, we are reporting the first instance of spinal cord injury. Injury causes include increased axial load and poor protection. For this a more and more popular sport, strict restrictions need to be taken into account.

Bubble Soccer or Concussion Balls

In a park near you, bubble soccer players will probably be able to move their legs freely since they are housed in large plastic balls with open legs. They step into a big plastic ball and roll down a hill similar to the immensely well-liked pastime known as Boating, which is enjoyed by people all over the world. As the title suggests, bubble soccer is similar to soccer. The goal is to defeat the opposition by scoring while having a great time. However, this action has also caused significant harm.

Bubble Soccer Safety

According to the Bubble Soccer Business Association, one contributory factor to injuries is the activity’s marketing as “easy to play” and “anyone may play without any pre-training.” The BubbleBall Business Association, meanwhile, offers a safety handout and advice sheet with pre-game safety guidelines on another website. When players are wearing these big inflated balls without coming into close contact with other players, it’s simple to believe that an injury can’t indeed happen. But they do

Concussion Ball

Flexible plastic bubbles are not the solution, despite the fact that several sports aim to boost safety by providing participants with protection. How safe is bubble soccer? was the headline of a Journal of Clinical Neuroscience article that described the case of a 16-year-old who suffered “a cervical spine burst fracture with partial spinal cord injury.” At a high school party in 2016, Salvador Reyes was playing bubble soccer when he collided with another student, breaking his skull. Reyes asserts that the party rental firm failed to appropriately warn him of the risks associated with the activity and teach him safety protocols.

Serious bubble soccer injuries have been suffered by some adults. A neck fracture left one bubble soccer player immobile for a year in June 2017. He also had a concussion, and his memory loss persists. Walmart, which had imported the bubble ball from China, was where he bought it. The product is described as the “most severe contact sport ever” in a product shot. After renting equipment from Knockerball in 2017, another man experienced paralysis. In knocker ball, often known as “bubble soccer,” participants can engage in a high-contact game while being cushioned by an inflatable plastic bubble around them.

Bubble Soccer Injury Risk

Because there is no padding around the neck area, bubble soccer looks to pose a danger of best-suited neck and brain injuries. The front, sides, and back are unprotected from whiplash inside the bubble. Additionally, the neck can move freely while the body is quite limited.

If your child chooses to enter this field, make sure to watch over them at all times and check the inflation and strapping of the soccer ball both during play.

Goals and Scoring

The most goals and points will be scored during the course of the game when the ball is kicked into the goal. When the ball crosses the crossbar without violating any of the regulations of the game, it counts as one of the team’s individual goals. The group is the one with the most goals scored.

Essentially, all of the teams and players are treated equally. Goalies are not designated. Active players may move through the bulge area in front of the goal, but they may not linger for more than three seconds at a time.


The Knockerball is an inflatable sphere with a single chamber, inner grips, and movable shoulder straps. Knockerballs range in size from 1.2 to 1.5 metres, and the fit depends on your height. You can use a single Knockerball to get your rolls, flips, and wheels just right.

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