Jackfruit Farming In India – Beginner Guide

Jackfruit is the largest and heaviest fruit in the world. The weight of one fruit can be around 10 to 25 kg. It takes about 5 to 6 years for the jackfruit tree to mature. Its fully developed plant yields for years and years. Usually, people use it more as a vegetable. People consider it a vegetable. But in botany, it is not considered a vegetable but a fruit. Fruits can be obtained twice from the jackfruit tree in a year. In this context, jackfruit farming is very important for the farmers from the point of view of income because its cultivation can give them very good profits. Many state governments also provide subsidies for its gardening. Jackfruit is considered useful, either raw or cooked. Hence its demand is high in the market.

Jackfruit Health Benefits

Jackfruit is considered a healthy fruit from the point of view of taste and nutrition. We can also eat its ripened fruit. But it is especially used to eat as a vegetable. Jackfruit fruits are available from spring to the rainy season. In the spring, when there is a shortage of other varieties of vegetables, jackfruit’s newborn soft fruits are used as major and tasty vegetables. Many types of nutrients such as iron, calcium, vitamins A, C, and potassium are also found in large quantities in jackfruit, which is also beneficial for the human body. As its fruits grow, their quality keeps on developing. There is good development of sugar, pectin, minerals and vitamin ‘A’ in jackfruit fruits when fully matured. Therefore, jackfruit is very beneficial in the prevention of heart disease, colon cancer and piles.

How Does A Jackfruit Tree Look?

The jackfruit tree is evergreen and remains green all year round. The height of this tree is about 12 to 15 metres. The branches of this tree spread more. Its leaves are 10 to 20 cm long and wide, slightly oval and blackish green. In jackfruit, flowers appear on columns and thick branches. Moreover, flowers are 5 cm to 15 cm long, 2 to 5 cm round oval and slightly yellow. Its fruits are round with a very large length, and soft thorns are on them. 

How To Do Jackfruit Farming:-

Suitable Climate For Jackfruit Farming

Jackfruit is a tree of tropical climate. It can be cultivated successfully in both dry and temperate climates. Both dry and moist climates have been considered suitable for jackfruit cultivation. Its plants grow easily in high heat and during the rainy season; it cannot tolerate temperatures below 10 degrees.

Jackfruit Farming Soil

Jackfruit can be grown in any soil, but highly waterlogged soil is not suitable for its cultivation. Sandy loam soil has been considered ideal for jackfruit cultivation. Take special care that the land should not be water-logged. Moreover, the pH value of the land should be around 7.

Jackfruit Farming Plant Preparation

In jackfruit farming, sowing in the field is carried out in two ways. First, it takes 5 to 6 years for the plants to be grown by seeds. On the other hand, jackfruit plants prepared by grafting or cutting start bearing fruits in about three to four years. If you want to prepare jackfruit plants from seeds, then you have to remove seeds from ripe jackfruit first. To prepare the plant, we must take a pot or polythene bag. After taking the pot or polythene bag, we must fill it by mixing 80 per cent normal soil and 20 per cent old cow dung manure or vermicompost. Next, plant the seeds removed from the jackfruit at a depth of about two inches with the help of the Swaraj 744 tractor. When three to four leaves appear on the plants, we can transplant them in the prepared field.

Land Preparation For Jackfruit Farming

To prepare the field for its cultivation, first, do 3 to 4 deep plowing. After this, level the land with the powerful John Deere 5105 Next, prepare pits of 1-meter diameter and 1-meter depth at a distance of 10 to 12 meters in the prepared field. In these ready pits, we should fill 20 to 25 kg of well-rotted manure or compost, 250 grams of single super phosphate, 500 Muriate of potash, 1 kg of neem cake and 10 grams of thymate with the soil. After this, transplant its prepared plant and seeds. June to September is the right time for planting jackfruit plants and seeds. For jackfruit farming, we can use Mahindra tractor 275 di and Sonalika RX 50 etc. 

Yield In Jackfruit Farming

Jackfruit trees take 5 to 6 years to get ready. After that, it’s one tree gives more yield for about 12 years. Then, it reduces the number of fruits, and as the tree gets older, the number of fruits starts decreasing. According to agricultural experts, we can plant about 130 to 150 plants in its one-hectare field. Due to this, we can obtain a yield of up to 1000 kg from one plant in a year. Therefore, we can earn about Rs. 3 to 4 lakhs from one year’s production of jackfruit. A tractor is most important for jackfruit farming.

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