Is CCNP Certification Needed For A Successful Career?

CCNP certification

Technology is an advantage and a curse at the same time in this fast-paced world. This is why learning new technical skills have become essential. Cisco Certified Network Professional or CCNP certification is a quite familiar credential among IT professionals. Nowadays, CCNP security has become an integral part of the security against an increasing number of advanced cyber-attacks.

Choosing the best certification course can be hectic. However, we must focus on learning advanced technology to deal with the upcoming problems. CCNP certification is one of those credentials that you must earn to stay relevant in the ever-changing IT landscape. Therefore, the CCNP exam is definitely worth it. 

Why CCNP Certification?

Cisco Certified Network Professional certification and the CCNP course is helpful for those who are skilled with networking. Cisco Certified Network Professional is a network certification course that comes under cisco. Cisco is one of the renowned IT and networking companies all over the world. 

Cisco certification is what you need to achieve the best skill and to get the best IT job out there. Gone are the days when doing CCNA could make you achieve your dream career. Right now, having the CCNP certification will definitely help you to get your desired hike while getting hired. In addition, various security infrastructure topics like the following are covered under the CCNP certification course

  • Network Security
  • Endpoints
  • Cloud Security
  • Automation
  • Virtualization

How can CCNP Certification Make You Successful?

Get Your Dream Job

The CCNP certification would never let you look back. It will help you find the best job that matches your profile. CCNP training opens a lot of pathways toward success allowing you to apply for the position you always wanted. With CCNP certification, you can get hired as a network manager, IT manager, computer systems and network administrator, etc. 

Salary Hike

After completing a Cisco course, the credential will increase your potential to earn more besides helping you get the best IT job. It has been seen that the employees with a Cisco certification get higher salaries and better opportunities than the employees with no CCNP certification. Handsome payment makes it worth investing in the CCNP certification cost.

Attractive Resume

Needless to say, someone’s resume speaks louder than anything while searching for a job. An employee is selected for the interview as per their resume, which conveys a set of skills and experiences. Therefore, adding CCNP certification to the resume increases your potential for employers. Also, having such a certification creates a good impression and makes the employers think you are interested in learning new skills.  

Makes You Feel Confident

Having an advanced certification course like the CCNP course will surely boost your confidence. And it is imperative to stay confident always to cope with the ever-growing industry. 

Achieve the Top-Notch Skill

Preparing yourself for the CCNP certification will give you in-depth knowledge, both theoretical and practical. In addition, the course will offer you advanced knowledge of different aspects of computers, networking, configuration, and installation. 

Showcase Your Skill

Having CCNP certification is another way to showcase your potential and skill set in a computer network to the renowned companies in the industry.  

Opportunity to work in Different Nations

Always dream about working in other nations such as the USA, Dubai Nigeria? Then you should be preparing for the CCNP exam. Fulfill your dream with CCNP certification. The course offers candidates to find work easily with well-known companies all around the globe.    

The Requirements of CCNP Certification

To achieve the certification course, you need to have in-depth knowledge of networking. Therefore, getting instructor-led training or subscribing to a course will be immensely helpful. You must pass the main exam to achieve the specialized concentration certificate. The validation of CCNP security is for three years. After three years, it needs to get renewed. 


Networking has become so essential in this ever-growing world to stay connected. The networking engineers are contributing every single day to gift a more advanced world ahead.  Those with a keen interest in networking and dream of working as a network engineer can definitely choose the CCNP certification course. And guess what, you just need basic knowledge regarding networking to get certified. 

Even if you still doubt the CCNP certification, just think that the course is available for 30 years. And why on earth will people go after this if it does not add some value to your career? Now stop thinking and take CCNP courses to see yourself as a successful network engineer someday.

Cisco Systems Inc. specializes in networking and communications products and services. The company is perhaps best known for its routing and switching products, which route data, voice, and video traffic across networks around the world. However, Cisco also offers network storage, unified communications, telepresence, and collaboration (WebEx) applications and services ranging from simple product support to complete data center and cloud management solutions.

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