How Translation Management System Will Save Your Time in-app Translation

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The client contacts you regarding app translation, and you get a google sheet or excel table with all the texts in it. Or, they ask if you have a suggestion on how they should proceed with the app translation.

In both cases, you and your client can benefit from the translation management system. It will save time in your app translation journey.

Let’s explore how a translation management system can help you do things differently and save time without affecting quality.

What is a translation management system?

You can also use the abbreviation TMS.

A translation management system organizes your workflow around translation. It is a tool for collaboration, organization, and for translation memory and glossaries.

Generally, the people who use TMS solutions are the ones that market their products and services to a worldwide audience.

It is a platform designed to organize your translations and localization from the ground up all the way until you are ready to launch your product, and even above.

The aim of these tools is to help you eliminate manual interventions, and repetitive translations (because you will have translation memory).

With various automation procedures, your TMS works in the background.

This means it will automatically save your reviewed translations in your translation memory, and it will always suggest you stick with the previously reviewed translation.

Imagine how it will impact your consistency.

There are translation management systems on the market that are easy to use, and affordable, starting their subscription from 16 USD a month.

In addition, some of them make it simple to onboard new members. You can add your client to the system, just for the project related to him.

With TMS there is no more data transfer between different systems. Everything related to translation and localization is in one place.

The main goal of the translation management system is to establish efficient translation and localization workflows, thus saving your time in-app translation.

Ineffective translation workflow is when projects keep losing momentum because the translator and the team he is working with spend a significant amount of time on manual tasks, such as:

  • Copy-pasting texts for translation
  • Searching for past information

If this is familiar to you or applies to your current workflow, then yes, you could benefit from using a translation management system.

App translation in TMS statistics

The most crucial feature translators look for in translation software is ease of use.

Using the right software can help cut translation costs by 90%. No more unnecessary email communication, and time spent uploading content and searching databases. (Business Insider)

Users, both translators, and their clients appreciate the value of streamlining the translation workflow from start to finish in one program – a translation management system.

The top 3 reasons translators cited for using translation memory were:

1. save time (86% agreed),

2. ensure consistency in terminology (83%), and

3. improve translation quality (70%). (Imperial College London)

App translation organized with the translation management system

A few features of a translation management system help you organize your app translation. A few of them were already mentioned in the post.

1. Translation Memory (TM) keeps a record of all your approved translations so you can reuse them in new projects. The database then suggests translations based on similar or matching segments between your old and updated content.

The more you translate, the more you can recycle translations because there tend to be more matches as your translation memories expand 

2. Glossary will help you to ensure the key terminology is always maintained, and here you put untranslatable content too

3. Importing information in a few clicks – this is for developers or another side that is importing the texts for you, but it is also helpful that you be aware of this process, so you can suggest them TMS knowing it is not difficult for them to support this process

4. One dashboard – you will have it all in one place, no need to check your emails or other channels of communication regarding app translation

5. Statistics will show you the exact percentage of work done and how much is left. It will help you keep updated your clients.

6. Review system – every translation you do must be double-checked through a review.

7. Branches – translation texts could change during localization. Branches will help you split an app into different versions. And it will keep you on track with changes.

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Translation management systems are designed from start to finish for all the parties in the translation process, with the goal of optimizing time, energy, and cost.

Translators reported a 10% to 60% increase in productivity when using translation memory. (Monterey Institute of International Studies) And translation memory is just one of the features mentioned above that will save your time during app translation.

The Localizely translation management system comprises all the features mentioned in this post, along with ease of use, onboarding, and affordable pricing (16USD/month).

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