How to Make Your PC Faster and Cleaner

Make Your PC Faster and Cleaner

As your computer or laptop ages, you may notice that its basic functions slow down. This could be due to many reasons, so today we will discuss all these reasons and show you how to fix your computer without an expert’s help.

Laptops and computers can perform poorly for a variety of reasons.

  • Windows not updating on time.
  • Your computer/laptop is too old.
  • Your computer or laptop has a virus.
  • Shortage of RAM memory.
  • Too Many Apps & Programs Running in the background.
  • Your hard drive is full.
  • Your browser is overloaded.

Computers or laptops that do not work properly can be caused by all the reasons mentioned above.

Taking these issues into account, let’s discuss how to resolve them. 

Update your window.

You may find it annoying to have to update Windows frequently, but it is essential for maintaining the health of your computer or laptop. Whenever your computer tells you it needs updates, install them immediately.

Check out the virus.

In computer terms, viruses are small programs that can harm or destroy your computer and its contents.

Those who have Windows 8 or Windows 10 can use Windows Defender, which is included in the system. Due to the fact that Windows Defender is usually included with laptops that have Windows. Make sure your RAM memory is up to date.

Computer users who browse the Internet casually require 8GB of RAM. People who use spreadsheets and office software regularly require 16GB of RAM. Games and multimedia creators require 32GB of RAM.

Uninstall unnecessary software and games.

It is common for our computers to have software programs that we no longer use and that slow down our computers.

In case your computer also contains such software games that you do not use, you should uninstall them immediately.

If you want to maintain the health of your computer, you need to keep it completely fresh so that the performance of your computer is not slowed down.

Clear Recycle Bin

When you delete a file, it goes to the Recycle Bin and takes up space on your computer. As a result, it keeps using up unnecessary storage on your computer.

It is recommended that you keep your Recycle Bin as clean as possible or that you permanently delete that file by simultaneously pressing the Shift + Delete buttons.

Clear your desktop

Keep your desktop clean by keeping only the necessary icons and files there. Apart from this, do not store more files there.

Due to their storage on the C Drive, they consume RAM, causing your computer to slow down.

Keep the web browser light

You may also notice a little slowdown in the performance of your computer if you use Web Browser more frequently.

Therefore, remove unnecessary extensions and add-ons from your web browser and use as few extensions as possible.

Having too many can slow down your web browser, which leads to your computer taking longer to load pages.

In addition, here is a list of some software that will speed up your PC.

  • CCleaner
  • Advanced SystemCare
  • Lolo System Mechanic
  • Ashampoo WinOptimizer
  • PCT
  • TuneUp Utilities
  • Glary Utilities
  • Glary Utilities Pro
  • Norton

Norton Utilities

You may be looking for the best PC Cleaner Software for your computer. You will be able to speed up your computer and improve your system using this application. Besides being a trusted cleaner, it also ensures the safety of your computer.  Using this advanced PC Cleaner, you can improve the performance, reliability, and security of your system.


Great essentials

Fast, efficient scans

Very competitive prices


Limited free version

IObit Advanced SystemCare Free

Ideally suited to novice users, it is a hands-off optimization approach. The pros and cons of this system are as follows:


Clean, customizable interface

One-click and auto cleanup


Can’t exclude individual files

Extra software in the installer


Eliminating unnecessary files, cleaning the registry, and managing apps make your computer more efficient. A few of its pros and cons are as follows:


Frees up disk space

Easy to use

For desktop and mobile


Duplicates many Windows tools

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

In addition to a fast scanner, it also comes with a suite of well-designed maintenance tools. Here are some pros and cons of Ashampoo WinOptimizer:


Quick, thorough scans

Descriptive interface

Comprehensive toolkit


Adds store links to desktop

Razer Cortex

Its purpose is to help gamers get more performance out of their PCs. Here are the advantages and disadvantages:


Frees up RAM for games

Provides FPS stats

Frequently updated


Contains some unnecessary extras


In order to make our PC Faster, we first set up an account with the appropriate software platform. The service was then tested on an outdated PC in order to see the extent to which it can remove outdated files and garbage and speed up the computer.

In this test, we aimed to determine how useful each software platform’s fundamental tools are, as well as how simple it is to understand any more sophisticated functionality

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