How To Improve Content Readability

Content readability

Content readability is identical to what it sounds like, as it measures the difficulty levels in reading your content. Your content becomes easier to understand and read whenever you achieve a higher content readability score. It is why the SEO Canberra services ensure that the content used for SEO has better content readability. It can help to increase the chances of the readers engaging with the brand and going through the sales funnels.

Across the surface, content readability may appear like everything about shortening and simplifying the words and sentences. Whenever you dig deeper, you start realizing whatever is involved across every component of the content, whether you speak in a passive or an active voice, the kind of font selected and whether you have utilized the images correctly.

The following are the seven best strategies for simplifying the writing and enhancing content readability:

How To Improve Content Readability?

Using smaller, easier words

There are more syllables for the words you use, and the tougher they get to read. Never use the 4-syllable work whenever two-syllable words are working well. Make sure to consider that not all have a similar vocabulary like you. You lose most of your readers when you’re using words like inordinate and inchoate.

Keep smaller sentences

Make sure to keep your sentences smaller as it starts to correct the convoluted sentences, thereby helping to increase readability.

Whenever there are longer sentences, try breaking them into numerous smaller sentences. Get this done by aiming at the principles across one idea in every sentence. Are you having more than a single idea in a sentence? Start with a new one instead.

Make sure to check out the longer sentence counting through the readability outcomes. Keep a count that can aid you in navigating the sentence with the best edit.

Use a few adverbs and adjectives.

The adverbs and adjectives are modifiers, altering the meaning of the verb or noun.

The process of modification needs the brain that consists of some additional work. Unless the adjectives and adverbs are important for the sentence meaning, it is better to cut them out.

Never use the jargon.

Several occupants are using languages that do not get used by the general public. Keep in mind to identify the audiences whenever you are writing down.

You can only go through the people under the same profession by replacing the insider in the jargon with the layperson’s terms.

Use user-friendly fonts

You may be tempted to use fancier fonts to make your writing appear more authoritative. Unfortunately, they create your texts in a less readable manner.

Make sure to use the fonts that are easier to the eyes as there are varied reasons to use these fonts extensively.

Create a break for your copies

Similar to the long words and sentences that compromise the content readability, the lengthier paragraphs appear confusing and frustrating to the readers.

Make sure to break out the copies and use the bulleted lists and headers.

Use Content readability formulas to test the writing

The grade for reading is generally 8, the average for the general public.

It can help make your writing accessible and readable to a massive readership.

There is varied popularity for the readability formulas testing the writing’s readability that include:

Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease

It is the mathematical formula to help measure the average number of syllables in every word with the average number of words in every sentence. The outcomes here appear as scores between 1 to 100, where 1 is noted as hard to read and 100 as the easiest.

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level

It even utilizes the mathematical formula for measuring the sentence length and syllables. The outcomes appear not to be a score; however, the grade level “12” appears that writing is noted by the one at the level of 12th grade. You should even try at generated writing at the standard of 7th to 8th.

Gunning-Fog Score

The Gunning-Fog focuses more on the complex words and the right type of nouns, compound words, and jargon. It offers the outcomes for the grade level; however, in the case of the upper limits. For instance, New York Times is scoring 11-12 across the Gunning Fog, which becomes extremely complex for the technical documents. Those scores easily to the highest of 15.

Coleman-Liau Index

The formula appears at the different types of characters instead of the syllables and words. These outcomes appear as the grade levels from 1 to 12. As noted through the tests above, the recommended grade levels are 7 to 8.

SMOG Index

Simple Measure of Gobbledygook or SMOG is the formula to help extract about 30 sentences each word with three or more syllables across every 3 groups calculating the square root with the rounds at the nearest of 10 while adding 3 to the number. The result for the scoring is at grade levels as perfect for 7-8.

Automated Readability Index

It makes sure of the character’s every word across every sentence. It even offers grade-level scoring, with Grade 7 or 8 recommended.

Enhancing the content readability helps you to write stronger by trimming them down to the essentials and reducing the excesses. It helps to improve the authority and integrity of the writing.


It never matters the amount of effort and time you are placing into these texts and whether the audiences are struggling at reading them initially. It is why these concerns with content readability are extremely vital, and it is the initial one at heart. These are mainly used by the SEO Canberra services that help to enhance the writing as it benefits the SEO of the website.

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