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How to Extend the Life of Your Wood Furniture?

This question is raised in the mind of the people who reside where torrential downpours of heavy rain occur frequently. You’ve probably worried about your outdoor wooden furniture. This is exposed to the elements and heavily covered. It is a common response, particularly when the furniture is pricey. This is because of the sudden shift in weather, such as going from a typical bright day to a torrential downpour. This can cause the wood to distort, crack, and decay. Also, clean the ironmongery product like corner brackets, and cupboard door catches on a periodic basis.

In this blog post, we are going to tell you some helpful hints on how to prolong the life of your outdoor wooden furniture. This is really important if you want to maintain the beauty of every piece you have.

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Wood Furniture

1. Paint it

Painting wood is one of the best ways to maintain its vitality when its protection is worthwhile.

Due to its importance, here is a list of ways paint may retain the colour and appearance of wooden furniture. Furthermore, it deflects the sun’s UV rays. It aids in managing the furniture’s moisture level and also prevents the wood from rotting.

Using this tip, you can prevent the wood from corroding as a result of exposure to water, heat, and air. Furthermore, you need to consider the wood varnish, polish, or sealant as an alternative to paint. In case you don’t like how to paint waterproof surfaces, learn the most effective method. This method is for waterproofing your outdoor wooden furniture.

2. Handle it

With the treatment of outdoor wooden furniture, you can make it more resistant to a variety of abrasive elements. These abrasive elements are such as water, bird droppings, sun heat, humidity, rain, and insect damage. There are a number of treatments you may apply to outdoor wooden furniture. But tung tree or linseed oil solutions are the most efficient, secure, and all-natural options. 

You must mix equal parts of mineral spirits, polyurethane, and tung tree or linseed oils to create a solution. Users can also buy a pre-mixed solution if they don’t feel confident making their own solutions.

The specialists suggest treating it every three months in cooler regions. No doubt, your wooden furniture needs to be treated more frequently in harsher conditions. Generally, when water drops start to seep into the outdoor wooden furniture, that’s another sign that it’s time to treat and repaint it.

3. Conceal it

If moving the furniture to a different location in your yard requires a lot of work, you might want to think about installing a furniture cover that can endure intense sun, rain, and storms. Additionally, by doing this, you can slow down the oxidation process, which is the process by which air causes wood to lose its vibrancy.

4. Embrace the Scratches

You require a cotton swab, which you should dip in coffee grounds before using it. This is very helpful for treating the wood’s scratches. Wait for 10 to 20 minutes before wiping it down with a dry cotton cloth. For lighter-coloured furniture, simply rub a walnut on the scratch. Let it sit for a while before wiping it with a cloth. Moreover, this works best on darker-coloured hardwood surfaces.

5. Eliminate Hot Utensil Marks and Oil Stains

Do this if the oil stains on your hardwood furniture are difficult to remove. Make a solution by mixing canola oil with white vinegar. Apply the mixture to the stained area using a cotton cloth after thoroughly blending it. 

6. Repair of Cracks

Make sure you purchase furniture online from a reputable retailer because cracks in hardwood furniture are fairly prevalent. Wood filler, which is widely available on the market, makes it simple to repair wood cracks. This is because it can be applied simply with the fingers, and any excess filler can be removed with a cotton cloth or nail. 

After filling the crack and allowing it to dry completely for two to three hours, you can apply a sample stain to the filler and finish the repair by wiping it down with a cotton cloth.

7. Olive oil can be used to Polish Furniture

You can restore the lustre to wooden furniture that has lost it at home. To restore its lustre, all you need to do is add some olive oil to the surface. Waxworks too. On wooden furniture, the treatment can be carried out by hand rubbing with a soft cotton cloth.

8. Handling

You know what, careless handling is the biggest cause of furniture damage. Make sure to take out any belts, buckles, and jewellery that could scratch the surface. This is important before moving the furniture to a new area. Choose strong areas to pick up the furniture from. 

When you grab the furniture’s weaker end, it may occasionally break. Cover the area with a tablecloth or other plastic covering at all times to prolong the life of your furnishings. The solid wood furniture piece should only be lifted and placed where you want it; do not push or drag it.

9. Heat Index and Humidity

Due to its porous nature, wood quickly absorbs water in environments with high relative humidity. This may result in wood swelling.

Wood tends to shrink under extremely dry circumstances. Frequently, this shrinkage causes cracks, gaps between joints, and harm to adhesives. 25 to 35 degrees with lower humidity is the best temperature for wood.

10. Termite Damage

Insects that harm wooden furniture and other objects include carpet beetles and powder post beetles. Infestation is indicated by the presence of tiny black beetles, microscopic worms, or hairy carcasses. What damage does this insect cause to your furniture? 

These bugs pierce items made of wood with tiny holes. The first obvious sign of infection is these holes. Moreover, if you discover something like this, remove it from other wooden furniture right away. 

11. Eliminate Water Stains or Rings

Water rings frequently appear on the top of your coffee table or dining table. This is because not everyone uses the coasters. Generally, most people are unaware that the cure is as easy. As applying mayonnaise to the water ring and leave it alone. 

The water rings or stains are now gone once you wipe it off. You can use your finger to spread mayonnaise, then wipe it away with a delicate cotton cloth.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, wooden patio furniture may be preserved for longer than you might believe. As you know, some methods could be laborious, but they are still worth attempting. Also, you should also constantly clean up any dust, and dirt, from corner brackets, cupboard door catches, and many more.

Thanks for Reading!

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