How to Embed Shoppable Instagram Gallery Into Your Shopify Store?

Instagram Gallery

Embedding an Instagram gallery to your Shopify store can leverage high profits, better user engagement, and drive social proof. 

Do you wish to attract more users to your store? By leveraging the Instagram gallery to your Shopify store you can not only drive inspiration but stand out from the crowd as well. 

Instagram is a leading social media platform that has outgrown itself in terms of engagement and purposes. What once was an image and video-sharing platform has now become an important factor in social media marketing for brands. Its ability to connect with a massive audience, offer better features, and help with curating attractive content has helped in its increasing popularity. 

For online stores bringing their Instagram content to their Shopify store can help overcome some severe barriers like trust and social proof. Brands can now offer a more personalized buying experience to their customers. 

While all this might sound complicated and overwhelming, it’s not. There are tools like Taggshop that help you curate and publish shoppable Instagram galleries on your Shopify store seamlessly.

Why Turn Instagram Content Shoppable?

Now that we know what shoppable galleries are, let’s understand how they benefit the brand and why marketers should consider it.

1. Amplify user engagement

Users connect to visual content more than any other content type, especially for eCommerce brands, users look for products in their original element. Giving your audience an idea about how the product looks in real-life delivers authenticity and reliability. 

This way you not only improve the users’ experience but also boost their engagement with the brand. When you convert simple UGC, to shoppable, you grab user attention, give them clear product images, and inspire them to learn more about your brand.

2. Showcase Relevant Content

Shoppers have evolved and do not entirely believe in professional and promotional content anymore. They want real content to resonate. Did you know that 88% of users require authenticity to shape their purchase decisions?

Instagram-generated content is highly aesthetic, relatable, and influential. Leveraging this into your Shopify store can win over users’ trust and assist your potential audience with content they relate to the most.

3. Make Your Audience Connect

Making your customers feel like a part of the brand is essential to enhance customer loyalty and building connections. Brand-user relationships go beyond the transactional exchange. To make your audience feel connected to the brand, you can take surveys and understand them better.

Offering your audience small pieces of appreciation like coupons, vouchers, etc. can be another beneficial aspect. However, adding a shoppable feed can make your audience feel valued and inspire them to stick by.

4. It is a Futuristic Strategy

Ideally, social commerce is selling through social media but it has moved on. Leveraging shoppable galleries in your eCommerce and getting social media content to the website is a futuristic approach to influencing your audience. 

With social commerce apps, you can aggregate content from multiple platforms, create an inspirational shoppable feed, and seamlessly leverage it on your Shopify storefront. Additionally, with the growing social commerce market, you can curate compelling marketing strategies to stay ahead and stand out from the crowd.

5. Drives Sales

For eCommerce brands creating and publishing Instagram shoppable galleries can be a piece of cake with social selling platforms. These platforms help in capitalizing on shoppers’ inspirations and drive sales for your brand. 

This is just the starting, on-site conversions, social proof, and engagement can turn out to be incredibly effective. With brands creating Instagram shoppable galleries, social shops, lookbooks, product page galleries, etc. they can inspire and appease users on their purchases.

Embedding Instagram Shoppable Gallery on your Shopify store

Using social commerce platforms you can integrate amazing shoppable galleries into your Shopify storefront without any coding complexities. Here are the steps:

1. Install the preferred app

  • Once you install your preferred social commerce app, you will be able to integrate shoppable social feeds like shoppable Instagram feed, visual UGC, shoppable UGC, inspiration galleries, and much more.
  • After installation, choose Instagram as your source network. In the next window, choose the preferred connection type from a hashtag, handle, mention, tag, etc.
  • Authenticate and connect your Instagram account, and click “Publish”.

2. Customize and Moderate your Gallery

  • Customize the gallery to offer a personalized and enhanced experience. Using this feature you can choose from numerous themes, further design the gallery by adding a banner, and CTA button, edit the card style, and much more.
  • Moderate the feed to provide your users with the most relevant and valuable content. This feature can help you eliminate any inappropriate or sensitive content from your gallery and display only quality information on your Shopify storefront.

3. Tag Products

  • Select the “Tag products” option, on the posts shown on the screen, and choose the ones you wish to tag.
  • Search your product and tag it in the post. Once all your posts are tagged with the relevant product, click on the “Publish” button.

4. Generate the Embed Code

  • You will be redirected to the final page, choose “Shopify” as your CMS platform from the list. Other options include Magento, BigCommerce, WordPress, PrestaShop, HTML etc.
  • Either auto-publish your feed from the placement option or copy the “LiveCode” and log in to your Shopify account.

5. Embed on the Website

  • After logging in, navigate to the preferred web page and choose the block where you wish to display your shoppable Instagram gallery.
  • Paste the copied “LiveCode” into the backend of your website.
  • Click “Publish” or “Update” to make the gallery functional on your website.

Congratulations! You have successfully added an Instagram Shoppable gallery to your Shopify store.

Important: These platforms offer an analytics panel using this you get detailed insights about how the gallery is performing. You get information about total impressions, total visits, click-through rates, and much more. 

Over To You!

Adding Instagram shoppable galleries to your Shopify store can significantly improve your sales, conversion rates, engagement, and the overall store’s look and feel. With this, you can unlock many benefits for your business and improve your reputation in the market. 

This way you also develop an interesting, attractive, and informative website that capitalizes on the users’ inspiration and motivate potential clients to purchase through reliable, genuine, and unfiltered content.

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