How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Tiles

perfect outdoor tiles

Homeowners imagine their living space to be fun, vibrant, and relaxing. When it comes to outdoor spaces, the flooring must be sturdy, and durable yet stand out beautifully. Perfect Outdoor tiles are a great option to upgrade the space from traditional concrete or brick slabs. We understand how daunting it gets to choose Outdoor Tiles for your patio, alfresco, outdoor pools, or balcony. The market is saturated with various stones, and one lacks the knowledge to pick the best one for their property. Who wants to end up choosing the wrong tiles that do not cater to the geographic conditions or your taste? Let us make that easy for you as we share five essential tips while picking the perfect natural stone outdoor tiles

Tips to choose the perfect Outdoor Tiles

1. Consider Durability– 

Remember, your outdoor space is exposed to foot traffic. The tiles are prone to chipping, scratches, cracks, fading, and other damages. Keeping these factors in mind, natural stone outdoor tiles must have enough strength to endure them all. We recommend choosing tough outdoor tiles that resist scratches or chipping and can last long. Tiles meant for the outdoors are resilient and the variety can confuse you. You can go for Granite, Bluestone, Marble, or Limestone for their robustness and durability. Irrespective of what you choose, do inform your tiler that the tiles are for outdoor use. The tougher the stones, the better their life span which strengthens the life of our outdoor space.

2.  Do not ignore Weather Conditions

Weather conditions as a factor to choose outdoor tiles often confuse homeowners. Before buying natural stone outdoor tiles, most of us never think about light exposure or rainfall. But here is the thing- Your outdoor space, let us say your patio or outdoor pool receives ample sunlight during the day. Too much direct sunlight may lead to fading or discoloration of the tiles. Therefore, it is wise to consider the tiles’ placement and color depending on the sun exposure. For a shaded area, you can experiment with bright-hued tiles, whereas dark-colored tiles are advisable for places exposed to direct sunlight. Likewise, rainfall and humidity affect the outdoor tiles by breaking the sealant coating. This lets moisture seep in causing the foundation of the pavers to get weak, and pavers get displaced and become a breeding ground for bacteria or fungi. Therefore, go with stones that can withstand these weather conditions. Yet you must seal them to protect them from moisture damage or fading. 

3. Think of Slip Resistance    

Safety should be a chief factor while purchasing and installing outdoor tiles. No one wants slipping hazards in outdoor places, especially with kids or elderlies at home. Outdoor tiles exposed to moisture can lead to injuries or accidents. Therefore, an important consideration is to go for tiles with slip resistance or with those that have textures to prevent slipping. Honed finish stone tiles are not recommended outdoors as the surface does not offer much slip resistance. Unfilled and tumbled finish tiles are the best for outdoor spaces. Slip rating tests are available with stone sellers in case you want to check the slip resistance of outdoor tiles. 

4. Go for Ease of Maintenance 

When choosing the perfect outdoor tiles, it is crucial to pick the tiles that are easy to maintain and clean. Because of their outdoor location, they naturally have more footfalls and are prone to carry and transfer dirt. Who wants to get into the hassles of cleaning and maintaining outdoor floor tiles every other day? Granite, Bluestone, and Slatestone tiles have easy maintenance because of their color and simple cleaning needs. Regular cleaning and a simple wash with warm soapy water are enough to keep these outdoor tiles clean and maintained. If you choose lighter-colored outdoor tiles like Travertine or Marble, you might want to remove the stains as quickly as possible and frequently clean the tiles to maintain their appearance. It is advisable to choose texture, color, and type of outdoor tiles depending on the ease of upkeep.

5.  What’s Your Home Style 

A key factor to consider while selecting outdoor tiles is your home’s style or the theme that you want to create. You can create multiple styles with the right choice of outdoor tiles. If you want to achieve a natural look in soft colors, go for Outdoor Travertine Tiles. You can also use the same finish and colors of outdoor wall tiles that you have used indoors. These would bring a seamless projection, making the outdoor space appear bigger. Therefore, you should pick outdoor tiles that complement your indoor space and do not clash against it. 

In conclusion 

Outdoor Tiles are vulnerable to damage from weather extremities and foot traffic. Your choice of outdoor tiles will depend on where you place them, their resilience, safety, and how much time you are willing to invest in their maintenance. Of course, the style of your house also plays a crucial role in selecting these tiles for your outdoor space. The above are the main factors that influence your choice of outdoor tiles, apart from other factors like cost, area, availability, and more.

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