How Much does it Cost to Build an e-Commerce App Like Noon?

e-Commerce App Like Noon

Do you want to build an e-commerce app like Noon? We understand your concern, so we wrote this blog to provide you with knowledge about the e-commerce app. 

The new go-to locations for purchasing new apparel, footwear, accessories, sporting goods, gadgets, etc., are e-commerce applications. People may now buy goods online more easily thanks to the introduction of e-commerce apps like Noon.

E-commerce apps like Noon are quite successful across the board. Similarly to this, customers depend on numerous regional e-commerce companies all around the world. Large-scale online buying has been made possible by these business models during the Covid19 outbreak phase. Similarly to this, the price of developing apps has changed over time. 

Several businesses are investing in e-commerce app development. You must read this blog if you are also one of them. Here you will know everything about the cost, features, factors influencing the cost, etc. 

Thus, let’s jump into the blog. 

What are E-commerce Apps?

E-commerce is the term for online purchasing and selling done through e-commerce websites. An application is made to carry out one or more tasks in a specific software environment. An e-commerce application is made expressly to facilitate the development of an e-commerce website or to enhance its capabilities. 

The development of an e-commerce website can be done by taking assistance from a reputed and well-accomplished eCommerce website development company

Applications without a specialised e-commerce utility would not be considered, although plug-ins and add-ons to e-commerce website software are included.

Market Stats of E-commerce App 

Now let’s have a look at the current market stats of e-commerce applications.  

  • With e-commerce net sales of $125,844 million expected to be created in the United States in 2021, Amazon is currently leading the market, followed by Walmart with $46,446 million.
  • Wholesale clothes e-commerce sales were valued at $38.3 billion, down from $43.4 billion. 
  • More than 70% of all retail websites visited globally in 2021 were accessed via smartphones.
  • E-commerce app downloads and usage have increased over the past two years, with the coronavirus pandemic contributing significantly to this development.
  • With a 36.68% market share in 2022, WooCommerce was the top e-commerce software platform globally.


Noon is the most well-liked eCommerce application that facilitates customers with a platform to do buying effortlessly. The application’s convenient user interface makes the application one of the most reputed applications worldwide. It comprises 20 million commodity stocks, for instance, fashion, baby items, household items, technology, sports products, devices, groceries, and so on. 

Hire mobile app developers for the smooth running of e-commerce applications for your business. Additionally, the application promises to deliver a market-leading user experience. The application’s supply chain and back-end logistics components are also continuously updated. Now let’s see some of the characteristics of the e-commerce application-

  • Items list with several categories sorted well
  • Easy navigation
  • simple-to-use features with a quick user interface
  • To ensure the delivery of a wide variety of goods, supply chain management is of extreme significance
  • Customers may locate the product category they’re looking for with the aid of search and filtering options
  • Shipping options include both standard and expedited options

Features of E-commerce Apps like Noon

Here are the features of an e-commerce app like Noon that are necessary for any app development. These features will be added to build an e-commerce app. So let’s jump to this section to learn about each of them.  

Simple registration

With this feature, the user can register or sign up either with an email account or social media. The registration is straightforward. 

Push notifications 

The business owner can use this feature to email users the best and most recent offers, deals, and discounts.


Using this feature, the customer can add products to the cart and purchase them afterwards. 

Advanced search 

The user doesn’t have to explore the complete programme, which will save them time. Here, customers can search for the required product using the product’s keyword.


With this feature, users can wishlist the product that they love to purchase later. It is the most fantastic feature of any application. 

Customer support

With this feature, users can ask for or take support from customer care for any queries related to products. If you also want to add features like customer support to your app, hire eCommerce app developers. 

Multiple payment options 

Customers will be given a variety of secure and trusted payment choices. The users can either use cash, debit or credit card or wallets, etc. 

Review and feedbacks

Reviews and feedback features assure users have an idea of the items they are utilising and the feedback other customers have dropped for those products. 

Product page

Each item in a category has a distinct description, including several attributes, for instance, pictures, stars, feedback, and a cart addition button.

Product Catalogue 

With this feature, users can have access to various commodities. The catalogue must be image-oriented, and the extensively acknowledged approach is to classify the items with clear images, commodity details, names, and costs.

Order and delivery status

Order and delivery status is an essential feature, and users can check their order status or track their product. 

Benefits of E-commerce App like Noon 

Now that you know what features are required for the development of an e-commerce application, it is time to learn about the benefits of having an e-commerce application. If you want to build an e-commerce app, hire dedicated developers. So let’s have a closer look at them: 

High utility 

Utilising e-commerce mobile applications as a potent tool that streamlines daily tasks across all sectors. A fantastic eCommerce mobile app like Noon makes it easier for customers and businesses to engage effectively.

Efficiency of data 

The apps allow businesses to gather crucial data about client behaviour in order to provide customised promotions. It enhances the efficiency of data. 

Better brand visibility 

For businesses, using mobile e-commerce apps like Noon can enhance market presence. Through appealing, user-friendly apps that offer targeted marketing messages, users may directly interact with businesses.

What’s the Cost of Building an E-Commerce App Like Noon?

The cost of building an e-commerce app like Noon depends on many factors, including various application features. These factors together comprise the app development process. Now let’s have a closer look at each of the factors that affect the cost of developing an app like Noon: 

  • Features and Functionality   
  • Application design 
  • Application size 
  • Application platform 
  • Wireframing  
  • Maintenance
  • Development team 
  • Type of application  

Considering the above factors, the cost of a simple e-commerce app like Noon will be $22,000, while the average version will cost between $33,000 and $41,000. Besides, if you want to develop an app with advanced features and functionalities like voice search, integrating AR etc., then the cost of creating the application will increase to $50,000 and more.


Businesses now have more chances because of the rising popularity of mobile apps. Due to numerous factors, there is a significant need for eCommerce mobile apps in the present era. Ecommerce mobile applications will definitely be beneficial for business owners in many ways, from enhancing user engagement to giving them a significant advantage. It will also help in web development.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. The price and other aspects of an e-commerce app like Noon have been discussed. In addition, we already covered the prerequisites for developing any app. It’s your turn to create an app similar to Noon for your company now that you have a better understanding of how much it costs to establish an e-commerce app.

For better results, take assistance from an accomplished and proficient e-commerce app development company or hire dedicated developers to develop an e-commerce app like Noon. 

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