How Fast Can a 750w Ebike Go?

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How fast can a 750w Ebike go? Generally speaking, a 750W electric bike can reach speeds of around 28 mph. In fact, although many electric bicycles have a power of 750W, the materials and technical solutions of the batteries are different, so the speed is also different.

Electric bikes may actually be capable of top speeds of over 30mph if they have a good quality battery, but they still claim a top speed of only 28mph in order to meet US e-bike standards.

Some tips on 750W electric bikes

While a 750W ebike makes for a pretty cool ride, there are a few things worth noting:

  • For safety reasons, 750W electric bikes should be equipped with fat tires. It’s a challenge for an ebike with only two wheels when you’re riding at speeds up to 30 mph. Equipped with fat tires, the electric bike is more stable and safer to ride.
  • Take care of your electric bike. Here are some tips for caring for your ebike:(a) Can electric bikes be stored outside? (b) Top tips on taking care of your electric bike. (c) Can electric bikes be ridden in the snow? Lithium is an active chemical element, so be very careful when using items equipped with lithium batteries (such as cell phones, electric bikes, laptops, etc.).
  • Ride without speeding, this is just a suggestion.

The best 750W electric bikes

Everyone wants to buy an ebike with the best value for money. The price of an ebike depends a lot on its configuration. Generally speaking, cheap e-bikes use worse parts and expensive ebikes use better parts. 

If your budget is not very sufficient, then I recommend you to buy the Sinar S7, which is the most cost-effective electric bike for under $2000.

There are several reasons why the Sinar S7 is the best 750W electric bike under $2000:

  1. Samsung Batteries and Samsung Cells. The battery is the most critical component of an electric bicycle, and it is also the most expensive component. In order to save costs, some manufacturers will use very cheap and unbranded batteries of poor quality. Although inferior batteries can also be used, their safety is not guaranteed, and inferior batteries have faster capacity decay and shorter service life. Sinar S7 uses a very famous brand of Samsung batteries and cells. Samsung batteries are of higher quality, more advanced technology, and are safer.
  2. Shimano 8 gears. The Sinar S7 electric bike has more gears to cope with more complex road conditions. The bike uses a Shimano 8 gears which can give you various riding modes, The pedal assists mode and Hand Throttle mode, in pedal assist mode the power assist is triggered when you pedal forward, and power assist stops when you stop pedaling and the riding distance is between 55-62 miles. In Hand throttle mode, you only need to press the throttle to move the E-bike and the riding distance is between 31-37 miles, the electric bike also has cruise control.
  3. Air Fork and Excellent Shock Suspension. Sinar S7 electric bike for adults adopts a 20”*4” integrated tire, air front fork, and dual suspensions to ensure your safety, giving bikes the ability to absorb shocks. When you are riding the excellent suspension provides a suitable riding experience that makes you feel like riding a boat on the calm sea. So when you are riding, please receive natural feedback, feel the wind through the face, and enjoy your ride.

It’s hard to tell the difference between an expensive e-bike and a cheap e-bike by looking at it, the difference is mostly in the quality of the parts. The Sinar S7 uses very good quality components and at the most affordable price, it is your best electric bike choice.

750W Electric Bike For Sale

Sinar electric bike for adults 35mph 750w motor electric bicycle 48v 15ah Samsung cells removable battery 20” fat tire foldable electric bike, snow beach mountain e bike Shimano 8-speed. Sinar electric bike is the best electric commuter bike, electric mountain bike, electric ATV, and electric dirt bike. Original price $1799, now $1650 Big Sale.

What will you get from the Sinar S7 Ebike?

Better life with a Better electric bicycle

Ride the Sinar bicycle and join the big family to have wonderful low-carbon transportation, we encourage low-carbon travel and give us a hand for the globe zoology, for our future!

Time to get a colorful riding style

Sinar ebikes satisfy all your imaginations. The 20”4 fat tire gives you the ability to ride on any road. 750w motor and 8-speed Shimano gears meet your demand for the speed(31mph). The air-front fork and dual suspensions protect your safety!

Colorful LCD Display

The 986 LCD colorful display is more clear than other screens, it also can protect your eyes. The PAS level shows on the screen it has a 5-speed duration, at level 5 you can reach the max speed, you can use throttle at level 1-5 and when the PAS level is 0 the ebike turns into a normal ride mode. We still have a USB charging port on the screen.

8 Shimano Gears

The Shimano 8 Speed Transmission System gives multiply speeding choices and the smoothly shifting gears improve the riding experience. You can find your own suitable stepping frequency and maintain the riding efficiency with Shimano 8 Speed Transmission System, also using it with 5 PAS levels can help you save more energy.

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