Fundamentals of LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a professional platform where people usually market their brands and users post their position updates, new jobs, etc. With over 774 million users worldwide, Linkedin is one of the top social media platforms today. 

If you are using LinkedIn you must have come across multiple strategies to boost your leads and conversions, increase revenue, build your network, and most importantly improve brand awareness. Linkedin is often underutilized but the truth is, it is a powerful addition to your marketing campaigns. 

Linkedin is a content distribution platform and ranks number one on the distributor list. It drives more traffic to B2B websites. About 90% of traffic was driven by three big networks, and half of it came from Linkedin.

Did you know that 80% of B2B leads come from Linkedin?

Linkedin is a promising platform for building your brand and community around your niche. In this blog, we will learn some basic Linkedin marketing strategies that will help you grow your business.

Best Fundamental Marketing Practices for LinkedIn Businesses

Let’s discuss some Linkedin marketing strategies and tips that will allow your users to understand your brand better and build trust. 

1. Embed Linkedin on the website

Various social media aggregator platforms help in aggregating content from Linkedin and displaying them in a simplified manner. These tools also help in embedding Linkedin feed widgets on the website.

Boost user engagement, improve sales, and website dwell time, reduce bounce rates, and see a significant boom in customer acquisition and retention. These widgets allow your users to see social proof and develop trust right from the website without shuffling between platforms. 

These platforms are highly equipped with various customization features that can help in personalizing and designing your widget to make them more personal, relevant, and engaging. You can change the background color, edit font, add CTA, banner, etc.

2. Flaunt industry-specific knowledge 

The first question that comes to anyone’s mind is what should they post on Linkedin, which will not only result in social proof but also cater to the target audience. Just like any other social media platform, find out what your users relate to the most and post content around those topics. 

The best type of content that people resonate with is industry-specific trends, updates, news, etc., and “hot to” videos, content depicting the purpose of your product, and videos showing hidden uses of a daily object around your niche. 

The Linkedin audience is more interested in professional informational and educational content, which seems obvious for a professional social media platform. 

3. Utilize analytics 

Measuring the marketing strategy’s performance can be a great way to figure out and analyze whether any changes are required or not. It also helps in understanding what your audience appreciates and relates to. 

Understand what content goes well with your company page layout. You can find CTR and engagement. Use this information to deliver relatable content and showcase information that interests them. 

Apart from job functions, you can find sights like what industries they follow, and their seniority. Their preferred locations, and much more. 

4. Find the right time to post diverse content 

Once you understand what to post, it is important to understand at what time your audience is most active on this platform. Posting once a day is enough but being consistent is a high priority. You can post more, but post regularly. Develop a schedule and follow it, you can use various schedulers to schedule the posts and be one step ahead. 

Use images and videos to deliver valuable content and make them engaging. Develop high-quality professional visuals, instead of redirecting your audience to other platforms.  

5. Do your market research thoroughly 

Use various marketing tools to understand what your competitors are doing and how much engagement they are receiving. Linkedin includes a feature known as Companies to track, using this feature to find your competitors, their followers, growth, and social engagement. 

Learn what works best for them and play around with various strategies. Take those into consideration that has the same company size, similar followers, and high growth rate. 

6. Explore Linkedin ads

And finally, advertise on Linkedin. You might want to explore this feature in detail. There are three types of ads, sponsored ads that appear on the feed, sponsored InMail that deliver personalized content on Linkedin messenger, and text ads that use the pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) strategy to display ads on the side. 

Wrap up!

This blog curates some strategies that can help you overcome various hurdles you face while marketing your brand on LinkedIn. You will see a significant boom in your conversion rates, sales, user engagement, and much more. 

With so many advancements and additions to Linkedin, we can find the scope to enhance our horizons and with the right use of LinkedIn, we can see the desired results. This is a prominent platform for marketers, job seekers, business owners, and other professionals. 

Start working on making these practices your best bet and grow your business.

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