Find Out The 6 Bestselling Cartier Bracelets Of 2022

The origin of Cartier goes back to 1947 when Louis-Francois Cartier launched his brand in Paris. The Parisian house has always pushed the boundaries of fine jewellery, creating designs that have stood the test of time. Due to their proficiency, King Edward VII declared Cartier as the ‘the Jeweller of Kings and the King of Jewellers’.

Today, every Cartier jewellery piece maintains the founder’s impeccable standard for precise jewellery-making. The Cartier Bracelets are one such creation presented in a variety of iterations. You can wear the bracelets regularly and make a striking statement.

Over the years, the designer has released many bracelet types that uniquely express the brand’s style and imagination.

Below we’ll find out the most desirable Cartier bracelet pieces released to date. The designs prove that Cartier rightfully deserves the connotations.

Top 6 bestselling Cartier Bracelets of 2022

1. ‘Love’ Bracelet

Inaugurating the list is the Cartier ‘Love’ bracelet, one of the world’s most popular and desirable jewellery pieces. And for many good reasons!

Firstly, the inspiring story of the Love bracelet makes it a classic. Cartier drew inspiration from traditional chastity belts to design the bracelet. Designed by Aldo Cipullo, the bracelets were initially sold exclusively to couples, with the giver retaining the bracelet’s screwdriver. This showed one’s love & commitment towards their partner.

Secondly, the bracelet’s design has a unisex appeal with tiny gold screw motifs on the outer edge. The design challenged the traditional norms of jewellery during its launch.

Thirdly, the sophisticated and wearable design of the Love bracelet earns it a long list of celebrity wearers, including Princess Diana, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Kylie Jenner, and many others.

The Love bracelet is available in various metals and styles, with or without diamonds, including a cuff version that wraps around the wrist without closing.

2. Amulette de Cartier

Cartier launched the Amulette de Cartier collection in 2014, combining beauty and magical charm. Cartier described the idea of this collection as a magical talisman and a dream catcher for one’s closest wishes.

Each Amulette de piece features a unique natural gemstone with a glistening diamond placed at the centre and safely guarded by a padlock. The gemstone choices include lapis, onyx, mother of pearl, carnelian and lazuli.

The closer you look, the more surprises it unfolds. The arc of solid gold has a space in between to leave room for a wish. The collection includes small and big pendants in various gold options and also with or without diamonds. Moreover, you can find Amulette de necklaces in various metals. Delicate, aesthetic and wearable, these Cartier bracelet pieces are the ultimate gift for your loved one.

3. Juste un Clou bracelet

After wooing the world with his iconic ‘Love’ bracelet design, Aldo Cipullo once again admitted his love for construction work (nuts, bolts & screws) with the Juste Un Clou collection. In 1971, he released a design resembling a Nail’s shape, initially called the ‘Nail’ bracelet. Finally, after its 2012 re-launch, Cartier renamed it Juste Un Clou, which in French means ‘Just a Nail’. Cipullo was not just an incredible jewellery designer but someone who carefully observed the world around him.

An unfaltering attitude inspired the formula behind his creations. The humble nail-design-inspired Juste Un Clou bracelets are available in various gold forms, with or without diamonds. The bracelets have a minimalistic design, making them perfect for daily wear.

In 2017, Cartier expanded the loved collection to earrings, rings, cufflinks and necklaces. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Megan Thee Stallion were spotted wearing the bracelet on numerous occasions.

4. Panthere de Cartier

When it comes to beautiful jewellery, Cartier is hands down the curator of the most extraordinary pieces. Simple, sensuous and exotic are the words that best describe Cartier’s Panthere de Cartier collection. Eye-catching with a panther’s head embellished with diamonds, the stunning bracelet encircles the wrist seamlessly. Be sure to steal glances from across the room.

In 1914, for the first time ever, Cartier dropped a watch with a sleek Panther on the watch back. Later in 1917, when Louis Cartier gifted a vanity case to Jean Toussaint that the sensual animal appeared on the vanity case. This was the first time the panther made its way to any of the brand’s objects. Soon enough, the Panther jumped on to other vanity cases, cigarette cases, and Cartier accessories.

Flexible and stylish, the Panthere de Cartier bracelets look supremely elegant. You can choose multiple models including diamond-paved on the head only, or both on the head & tail, etc. Wear one or stack them up; either way, the Panthere de Cartier design looks catchy.

5. Lanieres

Bracelets made of beautiful linked squares define the Lanieres collection. While some models dazzle with diamonds, others have colourful gemstones. Push clasps or slide latches to secure the bracelets. The Cartier Lanieres bracelets radiate elegance and look stunning on the wrists. The pieces are considered excellent investment options as they often retain their value over time. One of Cartier’s most popular Lanieries bracelet designs is the Tennis bracelet made in 18ct white or yellow gold. The stunning contemporary tennis bracelet has sparkling round brilliant cut diamonds set on them.

6. Agrafe

If you look closely, Cartier derives its inspiration from the objects surrounding them and blends in creativity to create some of the most incredible designs. The Agrafe collection is another such jewellery collection that derives inspiration from the hook-and-eye fasteners of French corsets. The collection is a classic testament to the brand’s refined design skills.

Beautifully decorated with diamonds, the bracelets are available in single-strand or cuff versions. Cartier has expanded the Agrafe to rings, necklaces and earrings as well. Explore them in various metal options and also with or without diamonds. Simply put, Cartier’s Agrafe collection upholds the Parisian haute couture elegance alluringly.


Cartier’s trend-surpassing fine jewellery, especially the bracelets, are meant to be treasured lifelong or even passed down the generations. The keep-forever Cartier bracelets are memorable accessories, and you can buy them for yourself or your loved one as a special gift.

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