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A vehicle needs a regular check-up just like a human being. You go to the doctor for a routine check-up so that you know your body is healthy or needs some kind of treatment. Similarly, a vehicle needs regular care and check-up so that all of its components work properly in harmony. Car maintenance service helps you with that. It ensures the working of the vehicle and treats the part that needs treatment.

MOT is a bit different from the regular maintenance service. The maintenance service must have intervals depending on the usage of the vehicle which is mostly 6 months. Whereas the MOT

test is a mandatory annual test despite the usage. The only legal requirement for the MOT test of your car is if it is older than 3 years. MOT is basically to ensure your vehicle is worthy for the public roads or if it is safe and won’t harm the pedestrians.

In addition to roadworthiness, it also keeps your environment safe. It is a safety measure for all pedestrians and fellow drivers of yours. MOT also gives you a sense of security that your vehicle is clear for one more year. This does not mean that you do not require regular maintenance service. Only the maintenance service will help you easily pass your MOT test. If you fail the mot test or are driving without a mot certificate, it can lead to hefty fines and points on your licence.


Now, if you are a new car owner, it can be confusing for you to know which MOT class your vehicle lies in. Yes, there are not one but 7 different mot classes (but there is no class 6 MOT) and below is a brief description of them.

  • Class 1 MOT is for small motorbikes and sidecars up to 200cc.
  • Class 2 MOT is for motorbikes with sidecars over 200cc.
  • Class 3 MOT is for 3-wheeled vehicles that can weigh up to 450kg.
  • Class 4 MOT is for cars or vehicles with up to 8 passenger seats.
  • Class 4a MOT is for class 4 vehicles that have 9-12 passenger seats. This vehicle also requires a seatbelt check.
  • Class 5 MOT ambulances and private passenger vehicles with 13-16 or more than 16 passenger seats such as play buses and coaches.
  • Class 5a MOT is for class 5 vehicles with more than 13 passenger seats and requires a seatbelt check.


The class 4 MOT is the most common vehicle. Class 4 MOT includes vehicle or cars which has more than 8 passenger seats. For example, private hire cars, ambulances, and taxis. campervans, motorhomes, vans(most of them) and small commercial vehicles that weigh up to 3,000kg. We are here to help you clear your test successfully if your vehicle also lies in class 4 MOT Oswestry.

Some people confuse a class 4 MOT with a class 7 MOT. But a class 4 MOT is for vehicles with a GVW (gross vehicle weight) of less than or up to 3,000 kg whereas a Class 7 MOT is for vehicles that weigh between 3,001kg and 3,500kg. You can easily find the GVW limit of your vehicle in the car manual. Sometimes you can also find it on the plate or sticker on the vehicle. You can look for it at the body behind the driver’s door, in the engine bay or on the back of the fuel filler cap.

In case your vehicle weighs more than 35,000kg or 3.5 tons, you have to book a separate which is ‘annual test’. For such vehicles, only an Authorised Test Facility (ATF) or a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) station can conduct the Annual Test and a local repair centre can not help you with this.


The mot test is just an examination of the working of your vehicle which is very different from car service. A car service can take hours depending upon the damage whereas a mot test takes approximately one hour(if well-maintained) to complete and covers the following list.

  • Vehicle structure
  • Steering and suspension
  • Mirrors, windscreen, wipers and washer
  • Doors and bonnet
  • Seats
  • Seat belt and SRS
  • Horn
  • Brakes
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Exhaust System and emissions
  • Boot, tailgate and tow bar (if any)
  • Fuel system
  • Electrical systems
  • Lights (headlights, brake lights, indicators, reverse lights, fog lamps, hazards etc.)
  • Registration Plate


As a car owner, you need to maintain your vehicle at a steady level. Some owners don’t even bother to take an annual Class 4 MOT Oswestry test, and some neglect to fix the important issues with the vehicle. If you do not take care of the vehicle, no matter how safe the speed you are driving at, accidents are bound to happen regardless of small or critical. MOt make sure your vehicle’s components and system are in working condition which offers you safety. In addition to that, it improves the durability, performance and even the resell value of your vehicle.


If you are still unsure which class your vehicle lies in, call us. You can also book an online appointment and we will help you find the appropriate mot class for your vehicle. We provide our service with utmost sincerity. Let us help you keep your car safe, roadworthy and environmentally friendly.

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