How Many Dimples Are on a Golf Ball?

How Many Dimples Are on a Golf Ball?

When it comes to golf balls, not all of them have the same number of dimples. Dimples on golf balls vary by model and series, and you should choose a ball that is right for your game. If you want to improve your game, focus on the performance of the ball, not the number of dimples. Balls designed for longer drives are often infused with an “aerodynamic” dimple pattern, which helps them add additional distance.

566 micro-dimples

The Mizuno RB 566 golf ball has 566 micro-dimples that help improve spin, minimize drag, and promote an extra soft feel. The design of the ball’s cover is also enhanced with a thin soft mantle layer, which increases spin and promotes an extra soft feel.

A golf ball’s spin is a critical factor in determining performance. The number of dimples does not always translate to spin, however. In fact, the depth of dimples is more important for a spin than the number. Likewise, a golf ball’s size also impacts spin.

How Many Dimples Are on a Golf Ball?

The number of dimples on a golf ball is determined by its manufacturer. Some balls have more than five hundred thousand, while others have fewer. The number of dimples is determined by the manufacturer to ensure maximum performance. The Mizuno RB 566 golf ball has 566 micro-dimples, which gives it exceptional distance and launch.

Besides the ball’s spin and aerodynamics, the number of micro-dimples determines the ball’s trajectory during flight. Moreover, the pattern of dimples determines how stable a golf ball is during flight. A ball with less than 320 micro-dimples is harder to control, while a golf ball with more than 450 dimples has less spin and stability.

Professional golfers use balls with a range of dimples to get the best performance. This allows them to balance the benefits of lift and drag, as well as achieve the optimum spin. The golf ball with the most dimples will produce the highest launch and loft, with the best control over the flight.


Mizuno Golf’s RB 566V golf ball has a unique outer surface that features hundreds of micro-dimples. The dimples are separated by joint-like surfaces that create less drag and encourage a higher trajectory. The ball is marketed for its balanced performance and longer hang time.

The Mizuno RB566 golf ball features five hundred micro-dimples on its cover, allowing it to fly farther. The ball’s large compression core also provides a straighter ball flight. It has an impressive greenside feel and is durable enough for mid-range golfers. The Mizuno RB566 is available in two versions: the regular and the soft version.

Golf balls are manufactured with several different designs that vary in dimple count and shape. Manufacturers will choose a design that is appropriate for the ball they are producing. Some models have only a few dimples while others have hundreds of dimples. Depending on the ball’s design, the dimples can be spherical, hexagonal, tetrahedral, and more. Each dimple has a different depth, with most having a depth of about 0.010 inches.

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Mizuno RB 566V golf ball

The Mizuno RB 566V golf ball is an all-around, softball with a unique 566-dimple pattern. The golf ball’s design has been created to increase launch and spin while reducing drag. This ball has been tested by Golfshake Ambassador Melanie Davies, and she says it has the characteristics she needs.

Dimples on the surface of a golf ball are a very important aspect in improving the flight of a ball. They increase the backspin of the ball and create a large low-pressure zone behind the ball. The low-pressure zone acts like a parachute and slows the ball down. In addition to reducing air resistance, golf balls are also more stable when compared to balls without dimples.

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