How Decorations With Edible Glitter Has Become A Hot Trend?

How Decorations With Edible Glitter Has Become A Hot Trend

Sparkles are always captivating to our eyes, whether they are present on greeting cards or used as cake toppings. The gleaming twinkle of glitter draws the attention of our inner child, and we instantly fall under the magical spell of its sparkle and luminance. Anyone who has ever tried their hand at baking knows about the magnificent effect of edible glitter. Its shine and sparkle can transform any food into an absolute star.

Edible glitter offers opportunities for endless experimentation and, thus, has become bakers’ favourite today. Not only professional chefs and bakers, but home bakers have also turned to cake glitter to make their yummy food look even yummier!

The recent food trend of edible glitter has flooded the internet with pictures of glittery food. People from all age groups seem to be charmed by its uniqueness and originality. This edible food decoration has become a hot trend, especially among food bloggers who love to experiment with food presentations.

The food snaps on the internet are proof of how people everywhere seem to have hopped onto the bandwagon of the edible glitter trend! This new trend has spurred a new wave of creativity among people in which they are using edible glitter on all kinds of food items such as chicken wings, burritos, pizza, etc.

This coarse yet fine edible decoration has the power to enrich the visuals of food presentation by many folds. So what is the real secret behind the riveting allure of edible glitter? Let us find out.

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What is edible glitter?

Edible glitter is a finely powdered edible sparkle specially used for decorating food by making it look appealing and bright. Some of the vital qualities of colourful edible glitter include water-solubility and non-toxicity. Due to its rising demand, makers of edible glitter have been exploring newer colour palettes that can perfectly suit everyone’s style and preference.

Edible glitter’s vast offering of hues certainly helps to polish the culinary skills and inventiveness of the users.

Not only cakes and pastries, today edible glitter can transform any eatable and make it eye-catching in mere seconds!

What are the Uses of Edible Glitter?

Edible glitter is an embellishment that helps to experiment, decorate, and present food in multiple innovative ways. The brilliant shine of the glitter gives a stunning finish to the food. FDA certified edible glitters, which are non-toxic and easily digestible, can be used for decorating a diverse range of food items. One of the many highlights is the selection of glitter choices to suit almost everyone’s taste and preference.

Let’s take a look at how bakers use edible glitter to make their baked delights look like artwork.

How do Bakers Use Edible Glitter?

  • Bakers use edible glitter for decorating cakes, cookies, biscuits, buns, pastries, etc. According to bakers, adding a dash of edible glitter can make any baked delight look more sparkly and mouth-watering! As quoted by a wise anonymous sugar artist, “more sparkle means more smiles.”
  • Edible glitter can also be used for making champagne and drinks look more sparkly and colourful.
  • Some people also use edible glitter to make a bland salad look more colourful.
  • Speaking of diet, some also add edible glitter to foods like smoothies and shakes to make kids stick to healthy eating. Great idea, right?
  • Some people sprinkle dry cake glitter over ice cream, while others use a liquid mix of cake glitter and lustrous paint to make ice cream cones look more appealing!
  • Some creative souls who love snacking use edible glitter to make freshly prepared popcorn look more sparkly!
  • Bakers decorate mini fruit cakes to make their decoration more appealing by using metallic cake glitter over fruits and icing. Firstly, strawberries and blueberries are intricately cut and shaped into tiny petals and then arranged over prepared pastry. Lastly, the cake is decorated with metallic glitter for a shiny finish.
  • Some people also like to give a sparkly touch to chocolate bars, candies, jellies, etc. Thus, they use a coating of luster dust and lustrous paint mix to make sweets look more enchanting.
  • Who doesn’t love to munch on one-bite appetisers (also known as amuse-bouche)? Sugar artists use edible glitters to adorn these bite-sized appetisers, such as chocolates, by giving a sparkly twist to their presentation.
  • Some people also use the mix of edible glitter and luster dust to make jellies and lollipops twinkle.
  • Bakers give a pearly finish to the icing of doughnut cake by applying a coat of edible glitter and luster dust mix.
  • The bakers also use edible glitter and luster dust mix to make the marshmallow topping of the cake glow.
  • Bakers also scatter blue or red coloured edible glitter over stark white cupcake icing to give a completely new look to their cupcakes.

Why Magic Sparkles is the Right One For You?

Now that you know edible glitter is indeed a hidden treasure, it’s time to put your chef’s hat on and start experimenting with edible sparkles for superior food presentation.

Magic Sparkles can be a great choice for edible glitter. It is 100% edible, vegan, and intricately handmade, and does not immediately melt after sprinkling.

In addition to that, all the products of Magic Sparkles are certified by Safe And Local Supplier Approval (SALSA). The products are also Kosher and Halal certified and have the MK logo.

Get Magic Sparkles and experiment with sparkles by having glittery drinks as beverages, coating homemade cookies with glitters, and gifting your friends glittery bite-sized appetisers during holidays.

Choose from multiple colour options of celebrated ranges of glitters namely Magic Sparkles, Magic Twinkles, and Magic Mixes.

Join the trend and experiment with edible cake glitter to present your food in a sparkly and alluring light! Express your ideas and manifest your imagination using tempting Magic Sparkles. Share your creations with your near and dear ones.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the glittery world of and gear up to give a sparkly twist to your favourite food items!

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