Decorate the Tree, and Plant Trees this Holiday Season

Decorate the Tree

We all have our festive approach, if you want to decorate trees with your family do it. But why don’t you plant it? The conditions are not favourable so plant ones that are best suited to your environment. The environment will thank you as will the coming generations.

Climate change is not a joke. We heavily depend on trees and every industry is just busy chopping them down. The plastic-free society heavily depends on paper and cardboard which is made from timber. The fibre is collected mainly from pine tree wood.

The plant-based diet is very healthy for human beings but commercial use is just taking a toll on the number of plants. It is high time that the corporates who work with raw materials from plants should show a significant investment in planting as well.

You won’t get money from Planting.

The cultivation needs to be monitored and the farmers should be given extra benefits. We have revised many rules of society. Everybody can be vocal about their rights but even today sadly, in the corporate sector, the businessman is reaping all the benefits.

People are not motivated enough to go farming and even if they do, they only plant crops that have higher income margins for them. For Example, sugarcane is readily bought by mills. The waste material is also utilized as raw material for other products. On the other hand cotton and paper, the industry does not give the cultivator any convenience.

This issue should be more vocal than it is. Around the world, farmers are the most deprived community. Mostly they are not very literate people but they know hard work. In India, the stats show the highest ratio of farmers committing suicide.

How can Holidays help Plantation:

I didn’t mean to startle you with the facts while you want to forget about the weary details of the world and enjoy the holiday season. My agenda today was just to motivate people to cultivate more trees.

If you see enough greenery around you please make an effort and go to the deprived places. City life is so artificial now. If you have come to the suburbs for holidays and little peace you should plant a tree in the nearest forest zone or the city. The city has gone grey and glass. It needs a little green.

Whatever region you reside in, plant a tree according to its environment. In this age when information is just pouring down, you should make a more informed decision. Google the benefits of plants, and the conditions they thrive in and then plant it according to the instructions.

We give everybody gifts. Let’s give back to mother nature as well. A token of respect, you can say. The future generation will also be indebted to you. Let’s give them the fragments of reality between the skyscrapers.

Gift Each Other Plants:

Here is a unique idea for you to give a presentation. You can send a message with it as well. The exotic plants need constant care so just plant a tree that can grow in natural circumstances. Each plant has different beneficial aspects so learn them beforehand.

People living in mountainous ranges with frequent rainfall should be encouraged to plant pine trees. They take a long time to grow full size, and they are rapidly being cut down.

There are at least ten types of pine trees that can grow without much care. The timber industry heavily depends on it. The modern development in science shows the harmful effects plastic has on health. Even though cardboard is recyclable, after a while, it is just not fit to use commercially.

So for all people living in rainy areas, this holiday season makes it a pine fest.

Feel Good, Feel Safe:

I don’t know how much rewarding the experience of a plantation is for you but every normal person feels good after it. It is in our hands how clean we can keep the environment. Trees are the primary source of cleaning the air.

Be mindful that the air you are breathing is having a direct effect on your health so if it is clean you have a chance of healthy living. We have been so used to industrialization that the chances of going back are scarce. It does have so many benefits as well. The growing population needs supplies as well. Yet it is in our hands to rectify the damage it has been doing.

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