Can Your Tyres Cause Mot Test Failure?

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MOT Test is a mandatory test for car drivers in the UK. If your car is not roadworthy, the MOT centre will not let you drive your car on the roads. Therefore, drivers want to get the certificate in any condition. However, they have the option of retesting but it is better if they clear the test in the first attempt.

Success on the first try depends on the health of your car. If all the listed components are in good condition, the tester will allow you to have the certificate.

At the time of the MOT examination, the tester will check a lot of parts. These parts include horns, lights, exhaust, windscreen wipers, doors and windows, and tyres.

In this blog, we will talk about the relation of tyres with success or failure in the MOT test.

Will Car Tyres Fail the Mot Test?

Every year, a lot of car drivers cannot clear the MOT test just because of their car tyres. According to the regulation of DVSA, the tester will not issue the certificate if they find the car tyres in bad condition.

Generally, the following problems in tyres dissatisfy the tester:

Wrong Tyres in the Vehicle:

Make sure you are using the correct tyres in your vehicle if you want to get the certificate. Your tyres should be of the correct size for your car. Your user manual specifies the correct size of your car tyres. You can find the information about tyre size on the sidewall of tyres. The sidewall will tell you about the width, height, diameter of the rim, speed rating, and load index of the tyre.

The easiest way to ensure the correct size of your tyres is to follow the pattern of your previous tyres. Avoid experiments and buy tyres that are similar to the tyres that come with your new car.

The tester should not find a space saver or lightweight tyre at the time of checking the vehicle. These tyres come to help you reach home only when you get a flat tyre.

Mixing tyres will dissatisfy your tester as well. They need four identical tyres in four axles. For example, your car will fail its test if you install tyres with different tread patterns, speed ratings, or load indexes in two or more axles.

Moreover, you should fit the tyres correctly to get the MOT certificate. For example, you should use directional tyres to rotate in a certain direction.

Legal Tyre Tread Depth:

In the UK, the legal tread depth is equal to or above 1.6mm. It means you should not drive your car if your tyres have a tread depth lower than this legal limit.

The MOT tester will check the tread depth at the time of the MOT test. If he is not satisfied with the tread depth, your car will fail its test.

Check the tread depth before the MOT test. You can do it with the help of a coin. Place the penny coin in the tread block. If you can see the head of the coin, it clearly means that your tyres are balding.

You may have an idea about the tread depth with the help of tread wear indicators. These indicators are visible when the tread depth is below the legal limit.

The Physical Condition of Your Tyres:

The tester will examine the condition of your tyres as well. Your tyres should not have cuts, cracks, and bulges on their sidewall at the time of the test. Change your tyres if you find any sign of damage just before the MOT test.

If you wish that your tyres do not be the reason for the failure in the MOT test, you have to consider the following tips:

Keep proper air pressure in your tyres to enhance their total life. Check the air pressure before the MOT test because incorrect air pressure can also be a reason for failure.

Inspect your tyres regularly. If you find signs of damage like bulges, cracks and cuts, change your tyres as soon as possible. If you submit your vehicle with the same tyres, your tester will not allow you to drive your vehicle.


The MOT tester will check the features of all four tyres of your car. These tyres should be exactly identical in terms of size and features like speed rating etc. Tyres with different features will cause failure in the test.

MOT Test fees could be slightly different depending on the area. Like the MOT test in Mansfield start from 39 to 49. However, best of luck with your exam.

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