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Why blue world city is the most demanding project for Islamabad

On October 18th, the Blue world city Islamabad Capital Territory Planning and Development Authority (ICTPDA) inaugurated the blue world city project in Karachi. The $4 billion project, which is expected to create 10,000 jobs and attract 50 million tourists annually, is considered to be one of the most demanding projects ever undertaken in Pakistan.

Islamabad is the most demanding city in Pakistan

In recent years, many cities have been demanding attention from the government. However, Islamabad is considered to be the most demanding city in Pakistan. According to a report by The Express Tribune, there are a variety of reasons why Islamabad is such a demanding city.

For starters, Islamabad is home to a large population of people who are highly educated. Additionally, the city has a large number of businesses and institutions that require a lot of attention. Finally, the city has a lot of important government offices located it. All of these factors make Islamabad a very demanding city.

Its rapid growth has led to increased demand for infrastructure

Pakistan’s capital Islamabad has recently emerged as a blue world city due to its rapid growth. The city is home to a number of multinational corporations and has also become the new financial center of Pakistan. In order to meet the increased demand for infrastructure, the city government has launched a number of projects, including the blue world city project.

The blue world city project is designed to accommodate the needs of both residents and businesses. It will include a number of facilities, such as hospitals, universities, shopping centers, and recreational areas. The project is scheduled to be completed by 2020, and it is estimated that it will cost approximately $10 billion USD.

The blue world city project is an important development for Islamabad because it will help to increase the city’s GDP and improve its quality of life. It will also create jobs for residents and support the growth of businesses in Islamabad.

Blue World City is the solution to Islamabad’s infrastructure and housing problems

The construction of the Blue World City has been hailed as the solution to Islamabad’s infrastructure and housing problems. The project, which is being spearheaded by the Pakistani real estate developer Mirae Asset, will be situated in the northwestern district of Murree. The development will boast of a total area of 1,000 hectares and will provide shelter to some 400,000 people.

The city will feature a number of innovative features that are set to revolutionize the way that Islamabad is currently used. These include a garden city atmosphere with high-rise buildings providing space for parks, gardens, and other recreational facilities. The project is also set to use sustainable construction techniques that will help reduce the environmental impact of the development.

The Blue World City is expected to become a major tourist attraction for Islamabad and the surrounding region. It is hoped that it will play a role in enhancing economic development in Islamabad and the wider region.


Having completed one of the most demanding and challenging projects in Islamabad, Blue World City is now a thriving international business district. The project has faced many challenges along the way, but the team at Blue World City has persevered and delivered on its promise to create an innovation-driven business district that offers world-class amenities and services.

The City of Islamabad

The city of Islamabad, Pakistan is one of the most demanding projects in the world. The city has been under construction for the last 15 years and it is still not finished. The city is supposed to be a model for other cities around the world, but it has not lived up to expectations.

The city was originally going to be called Islamabad Blue. However, because of political reasons, the name was changed to Islamabad. The city was supposed to be a model for other cities around the world, but it has not lived up to expectations. The city is supposed to be a model for other cities around the world, but it has not lived up to expectations.

The main reason why the city is so demanding is that it was designed by a team of architects who were not familiar with Pakistani geography and culture. Additionally, many of the buildings in the city are too tall and they look out of place.

Despite all of these problems, the city still has some beautiful features. For example, the City Of Islamabad has one of the largest shopping malls in the world. Additionally, there are many parks and gardens in the city which make it a pleasant place to live.

The Blue World City Project

The Blue World City project is a proposed megacity in the Islamabad area, designed to be the most advanced and sustainable city on earth. The city would be built on reclaimed land adjacent to the Islamabad International Airport and would feature a blend of traditional and contemporary architecture.

What is the Blue World City Project?

The Blue World City Project is a $5 billion development slated for Islamabad, Pakistan. The city is designed to be a “sustainable, green, and integrated metropolitan area” that will include a “unique mix of human settlements, transportation systems, and green infrastructure.”

The city is being developed by the Pakistani real estate company Skyline Ltd., which is headed by Hussain Haqqani. The project has been met with criticism from environmental groups who say it will damage Islamabad’s environment.

How Does the City of Islamabad Benefit from the Blue World City Project?

The city of Islamabad benefits greatly from the Blue World City project. The project will help to improve the city’s infrastructure, economy, and social life.
The project will also create new jobs and help to reduce poverty. The project is expected to create a total of 95,000 jobs.
The city of Islamabad is currently one of the most congested cities in Pakistan. The Blue World City project will help to reduce this congestion. The project will also improve the city’s transportation systems.
The Blue World City project will also help to improve the city’s environment. The project will reduce the amount of pollution in the city and improve the quality of air.


Many people are unaware that Islamabad also has a skyline full of amazing skyscrapers. While many of these buildings are in the CBD area, there is one building that stands out above the rest and that is Blue World City. This skyscraper was completed in 2008 and is currently the tallest building in Islamabad. It’s no wonder why this building is so demanding; it’s home to some of the most impressive luxury condominiums in Pakistan and offers stunning views of all of Islamabad from its top floors.

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