Everything You Want to Know About Blow Dry Bar Hair Extensions

Blow Dry Bar Hair Extensions

Nowadays, a lot of women want their hair to be long and voluminous, yet very few of us are born with thick hair. No matter how many vitamins and hair growth pills they use, some women even struggle to get their hair to grow past their shoulders. The good news is that hair extensions are a great way to artificially lengthen and/or volumize your natural hair if this describes you.

You may choose wisely when it comes to your own hair if you are aware of the advantages of hair extensions, your selections, and how to properly maintain extensions.

Benefits of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are excellent for making a rapid style change, but they also offer other attractive advantages: 

  • Add instant length
  • Provide added volume
  • Temporary and non-damaging

Add Instant Length

The ability to instantly lengthen your hair without having to wait months or even years for natural development is perhaps the most coveted benefit of hair extensions. This is enormous given that the typical person’s hair grows between a quarter and a half inches every month! You can have the hair length you want when you want it using hair extensions. This is perfect for people whose hair doesn’t grow rapidly naturally or whose hair tends to get damaged and break easily once it gets longer. You may lengthen your healthy, lustrous hair with hair extensions.

Provide Added Volume

Hair extensions may be advantageous for ladies with naturally long hair as well. This is due to the fact that extensions may give naturally thin or fine hair the essential volume. Since your hair won’t go limp or flat over the day, you can finally start sporting those voluminous and seductive styles. Additionally, you may spare yourself the trouble of having to buy and utilize those pricey volume-adding shampoos, conditioners, and other style products that occasionally don’t live up to their claims. 

Temporary and Non-Damaging

Finally, since hair extensions are only temporary, you don’t need to commit to using them for an extended period of time. This enables you to quickly switch up your hairdo as needed and get the appearance you want right away. Your extensions are simple to take off, and depending on the kind you choose, you might even be able to do it yourself. Your natural hair won’t be harmed at all by hair extensions when they are applied, maintained, and removed correctly.

Types of Hair Extensions

We at Pink Soda Blow Dry Bar & Salon are pleased to provide our clients with a selection of hair extension alternatives. Whatever your requirements, we can assist you in selecting the best course of action. 

Dream Catchers Hair Extensions

We suggest our dream catchers’ hair extensions for ladies who are devoted to the notion of using their extensions for a longer length of time (for up to two years, in fact!). These non-damaging extensions are fastened with the use of cutting-edge micro-cylinder technology, making them more durable than many of the other alternatives available. These are ideal for women who wish to add a tonne of length and volume in a completely natural-looking way.

Halo Clip-In Hair Extensions 

Another well-liked choice for women who wish to be able to quickly remove their extensions as requested is our Halo clip-in extensions. These extensions are recognized for being incredibly soft to the touch and are created from 100% Remy hair. For you to obtain your optimum length and volume, we offer these extensions in lengths ranging from 16 inches to 24 inches. A free consultation, installation, and style are also included so you may leave our blow dry bar feeling completely comfortable wearing your new extensions.

Traditional Halo Hair Extensions

Halo extensions can be the best option for you if you want something somewhat more stable than a clip-in but don’t want permanent extensions. These extensions are held in place with the help of a revolutionary magic wire, which enables you to put them on like a headband with ease. Halo extensions come in a variety of lengths, from 16 to 20 inches.

Common Hair Extension Myths

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and false beliefs concerning hair extensions out there. It’s time to dispel these common beliefs if you’ve been afraid to consider extensions as a solution to achieve the long, voluminous hair you’ve always desired.

Myth 1: Hair Extensions Are Damaging

Because they have heard that hair extensions might harm hair, many ladies are reluctant to have them. In actuality, if extensions are properly applied, maintained, and removed, they shouldn’t ever harm your hair. This is why it’s crucial that you have faith in the expert who is installing and maintaining your new extensions. Before each customer leaves Primp and Blow, we take the time to make sure they are completely comfortable caring for and styling their new extensions.

Myth 2: Hair Extensions Are Too Expensive

Numerous people also mistakenly believe that hair extensions are out of their price range. Finding an extension option that fits your budget is now easier than ever because of the variety of alternatives available. In fact, Primp and Blow offer excellent hair extensions for as cheap as $200. We take great pleasure in all of the extensions we provide and only give our clients high-quality hair extension items, even while it is true that the top-grade extensions can be on the pricey side (some costing over $1,000 for a full set).

Myth 3: People with Active Lifestyles Shouldn’t Get Extensions

You might believe you can’t obtain hair extensions if you lead an active lifestyle since you’ll never be able to get them to remain in place. This does not have to be the case, though! To begin with, you could think about selecting an extension option that is simple to remove so you can take them out while engaging in demanding activities. However, there are also many choices that can resist even the busiest lifestyles without coming loose or falling out.

Caring for Your Hair Extensions

No matter what kind of extension you’re considering obtaining, it’s critical that you understand how to take care of and maintain your hair extensions. By doing this, you may extend their lifespan and keep them looking beautiful.

  • Use the right shampoo
  • Avoid tugging and pulling
  • Be careful with heat

Use the Right Shampoo

Don’t wash your extensions too often. When it’s time to wash them, make sure to use a shampoo devoid of sulfates. It is normally better to wash extensions overnight so that they are dry by morning and ready for style. We advise against blow-drying your extensions since they should be allowed to air dry instead.

Avoid Tugging and Pulling

When it comes to taking care of your hair extensions, the proper brush makes a big difference. Avoid pulling or straining at knots when brushing your extensions. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to gently comb through them. If you want to prevent damage and make the procedure simpler, you could even want to add a tiny bit of detangling spray. 

Be Careful with Heat

Start styling your extensions with the lowest heat setting possible to prevent harm to your hair. Choose styles that don’t require heat whenever it’s practicable. One fantastic approach to getting loose, attractive waves without using heat is to braid your extensions while they are still moist. As an alternative to using a curling iron, you may obtain natural-looking curls by using a variety of heatless methods. Naturally, utilizing heat is not against the law (unless you have synthetic extensions, in which case we do not advise doing so). But if you want your extensions to last as long as possible, you’ll need to be cautious about it.

Where to Get Professional Hair Extensions

In conclusion, hair extensions might be the ideal solution for people who desire longer, fuller hair right away! If you’re not happy with the length or thickness of your hair, or if you just want longer hair for the evening, think about getting hair extensions from Blow Dry Bar in Charleston.

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