Black Diamond: Astrological Facts You Must Know About

black diamond

Black diamonds are one of the rarest and most unconventional options for wearing but have the potency to depict elegance fused with a unique fashion sense if pulled off effectively. A black diamond symbolizes eternal and flawless love and can be a perfect choice for an engagement ring. They also represent passion and energy. Due to their powerful appearance, they are being opted for as one of the alternatives to conventional colorless diamonds for engagement rings and other jewelry.

The trilogy engagement ring Hatton Garden is an eye-catching combination of three diamonds that represent past, present, and future relationships. Earlier colorless diamonds were the only choice for trilogy engagement rings; however, black diamonds are now being used either in combination with white diamonds or as solo pieces. 

Black diamonds are usually of two types, i.e., natural and lab-grown diamonds. The natural ones possess a natural black appearance and are valuable diamonds. The lab-grown diamonds are white diamonds with many inclusions and a dull appearance. These are subjected to specific processes to induce a black hue. Due to these reasons, the origin of these diamonds is always a topic of debate. It is argued that these diamonds were formed in outer space and arrived on earth through an asteroid that fell on the earth. Few others believe that the rocks were formed within the earth as part of a giant star that exploded at some point. 

Black diamonds are scarce and more of a niche gemstone and possess less demand in the market. These reasons make them comparatively less expensive than the colorless white pieces. 

Black Diamond in different Cultures:

Black diamond owes a unique space in different cultures due to various myths surrounding it. The Romans were the ones who discovered this stone from the mines of Africa and believed that it symbolized good luck, making them an appropriate choice for a wedding ring. The Romans made it a tradition to gift a black diamond ring to women during weddings. The Italians also had a similar notion of the black diamonds as they believed they symbolized luck, faithfulness, and reconciliation. It was believed that if any married couple touches a black diamond, it is bound to bring good fortune, and the stone will absorb all the troubles and issues.

However, Indian culture has a different perspective on black diamonds. The black diamonds, they believed, represented Yama, the God of death, who has the eyes of the cobra. Therefore, they believed that black diamonds brought curses. Southeast Asians also believed that these diamonds brought misfortune and misery to the wearer and their families. 

However, these myths are fading, and it’s pretty well established that black diamonds bring no more bad luck. The world’s largest black diamond is believed to fetch good luck and happiness to anyone who touches it.

Zodiac Stone for Scorpio: 

Each zodiac sign comes with specific gemstones, which are recommended based on the placement of the planets in the chart. It is believed diamond represents the planet, Venus, due to its shine. A black diamond is a good luck stone for people with the Scorpio zodiac sign. Scorpio is considered the most intense of all zodiac signs, and the star sign is known to excel in mysteriousness, a feature of black diamonds. The black diamonds have myth-infused and perfectly suit the scorpions. 
Black diamonds are famous because of the myth surrounding their origin. They have a limited origin, mainly in Brazil and Africa. Unlike other diamonds, black diamonds are not mined from deep below the earth’s surface and are mined from the bed of the streams. However, lab-grown diamonds are manufactured, unlike natural diamonds. The astrological significance of black diamonds makes them even more alluring to buyers.

Apart from the typical set of designs, one can even think of customizing the jewelry and gifting it to their special ones. One can carve out special moments like nicknames or initials of the name or special dates and customize them into a ring, bracelet, or pendant and gift it to loved ones. A classy and stylish customized piece is the best gift to showcase love. Flaunt the earrings easily and let them become the statement for the day and make it even more special.
Finding a couple of ring sets is easy since many jewelers these days design such rings due to the growing demand. They are also quite cost-effective since many jewelers give a rebate when you are buying in pairs.


There is a type of diamond called a black diamond that has a very dark color. Black diamonds are often thought to be less valuable than other types of diamonds, but this is not always the case. Depending on their quality, black diamonds can be quite rare and expensive.

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