Bald Tyres: Why Do You Not Need Them?

Bald Tyres
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Most passenger tyres come with a tread pattern. This part of the tyres is essential to provide proper grip and traction. The tread pattern will wear out due to factors like road conditions, bad weather and driving habits.

After the tyres are severely worn down, it is really tough to get proper driving comfort while you drive your car. Therefore, experts recommend that you must use your Car Tyres Bridlington with proper tread depth.

What are bald tyres?

In simpler words, tyres are called bald when the tread depth reaches the danger level, or the tyre has no tread left.

Wear and tear in tyres is a normal process, and it takes place with each trip made by the car tyres fitted near me.

However, the rate of tread wear may vary from one vehicle to the other because of the following factors:

Road surface:

Since your tyres are supposed to touch the road surface directly, they will wear out because of the nature of the road surface. If your vehicle runs on rough roads most often, the rate of wear and tear will be faster for your tyres. On the other hand, your tyres will wear down slowly if you drive your vehicle on smooth roads.

You cannot control wear and tear due to this factor because the main role of tyres is to run on the roads. However, you can reduce the effect by choosing appropriate tyres according to the terrain and seasonal conditions.

Improper inflation level:

Proper air pressure is an essential factor in ensuring the proper performance of tyres. Both underinflation and overinflation will promote treadwear in your tyres. Generally, over-inflated tyres wear out in the middle part of the tread pattern, and under-inflated tyres show signs of wear on both sides.

You have full control over this factor. Check the air pressure and try to keep it at the correct level whenever you drive your vehicle on the roads. Use a tyre pressure monitoring system to avoid bad effects of underinflated tyres.

Friction and Heat:

While your tyres run on roads, friction and heat take place naturally to degrade the rubber material of your tyres. Both these factors are more deadly if you drive your vehicle at high speeds most of the time. Effects of friction and heat will be increased on irregular road surfaces.

Misaligned and unbalanced tyres:

When your car comes from the dealer’s shop, you have perfectly aligned and balanced wheels. Over time, wheel alignment and balancing are disturbed due to bad road conditions.

If you drive your car on misaligned and imbalanced wheels for a long time, your tyres will show signs of uneven tread wear.


If you overload your vehicle, your tyres experience more pressure, and they start to wear out quickly. Thus, if you want to use the same set of tyres for a long time, avoid overloading.

Poor maintenance:

You can check the issues like air pressure, alignment and balancing if you like. Thus, you are perfectly able to save your tyres from serious mechanical issues and tread wear. If you forget your duty to keep your tyres in good condition, you have to see the consequences.

Signs of bald tyres

You have to change your bald tyres as soon as possible because of several risk factors. Therefore, you must observe the following danger signs:

Low tread depth level:

It is an obvious sign that your tread depth seems severely worn down. You can measure the exact tread depth with the help of a tyre tread depth gauge. If you want to get an idea only, a penny coin will also help. Just place the coin in the tread block and observe its head. If you can see the head of the coin, your tyres are certainly balding.

Visible tread wear bars:

Nowadays, tyre makers make new tyres with tread wear bars or indicators. These bars are only noticeable when the tyres are seriously worn. If you can observe the tread wear indicators, it is illegal to drive the vehicle on these tyres.

Risks of driving on bald tyres

If you drive your vehicle on bald tyres, the following risk may occur to increase your problems:

Disturbed braking distance:

Tyres with a perfect tread pattern and tread depth will stop at the correct distance while you apply your brakes. On the other hand, tyres will struggle to stop your car if they are seriously balding. It seems a little thing, but it can be a big issue if you have to stop your vehicle suddenly.

Risk of hydroplaning:

Even tyres with proper tread depth also experience hydroplaning on wet roads, but the risk is higher for bald tyres. Bald tyres are unable to disperse extra water. Therefore, the vehicle may skid on roads violently.


If your tyres are wearing out severely, it means they have a thin layer of rubber material. Thus, they are more prone to punctures on roads. Similarly, tyres may face blowouts due to the same reason as well.

Thus, it is quite clear that you need to look for ‘car tyres fitted near me’ after you observe your tyres are balding seriously.

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