Avoid Gas Waste: 6 Tips to Conserve Energy and Cut Your Gas Bills This Winter

Winter pops up with not only harsh weather conditions but overpriced gas bills too. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to cut your gas bills as temperatures drop.

When we say savings, it is not about cutting gas usage to save your money and compromise your comfort; We are talking about sustainable ways to save gas every day throughout the winter.

Besides doing a gas safety check, there are various valuable ideas to make your winter comfortable. Saving on your electricity bills can be tricky. But with a few tweaks in the usage of heating appliances, you can save a lot.

This will not only help you with saving money, but you will adopt sustainable ways of tackling cold in winter. Here are 6 tips for conserving energy to cut your bills this winter:

1. Smart Thermostat

Est. Cost: Starts from $20.81

If you are looking for intelligent and easy ways to cut your bills and make your home suitable for winter, then a smart thermostat will give you an ideal start.

A smart thermostat is a technology that helps you tune the furnace according to the temperature needed at home during cold days. For example, the thermostat technology will turn down when you are away or asleep, which saves energy.

This technology helps you control the temperature according to your comfort with the help of a remote-control system. The best thing about the thermostat is that it allows you to control the temperature of every room in your home with your smartphone.

So, the best home environment for you is just a few clicks away. The simple approach is saving energy at your home when you are away by increasing or decreasing the temperature through the remote access system.

You can save money by saving energy without sacrificing your comfort in winter. Although installing a Smart Thermostat might look costly, the modern technology used in thermostats can help you save on wasted heating when you do not need it.

2. Use Door Snakes to Keep Out the Drafts

Est. Cost: Starts from $22.35

Did you know that door sills potentially leak out the heat inside your home? We don’t usually pay attention to details, but this can cause significant heat loss. Door snakes are the most affordable items to lock up the heat in your rooms.

Different kinds of door snakes are used to save electricity bills in the winter. The snakelike structure of these draft stoppers prevents the cold air from getting inside and the warm air from getting outside the room.

This way, the energy the appliances use to keep your home warm is saved with a very simple technique. Fortunately, there are various types of such lifesaving items that can be installed around your doors, windows, and any openings in your home. 

3. Cheap Insulation Ideas

Est Cost: Starts from $20.35

House insulation is one of the initial ideas that come to our minds as winter arrives. A well-insulated house gives comfort during harsh weather. The simplest way of saving energy is sealing the heat inside your house with these simple to-dos at home in winter.

  • Weatherproofing walls of your house to make it waterproof and avoid cracks.
  • Use thick curtains for rooms
  • Weatherstrip gaps in windows and doors.
  • Fix your fireplace damper if:
    • The cold air from outside travels down your chimney by thoroughly sealing the damper.
    • If the damper is cracked, then replace it with a new damper plate.
    • If the right amount of smoke is not escaping the chimney, then start lighting smaller but hot fires.
  • Seal your attic

4. Double Glazing

Est. Cost: Starts from $223.80   

Double-glazed windows are a premium solution for those looking for a permanent solution to tackle cold. It can reduce energy costs and regulate the temperature of your home throughout the winter and summer also.

Double glazing is more advantageous than single glazing because it increases the energy efficiency of your home and creates a lasting barrier between you and the harsh cold temperature outside. Also, the cost of double glazing will depend on the type and style of your windows. 

Wondering how double-glazing works? Double-glazed windows have two panes of glass separated by an insulating layer that prevents the cold from affecting the heat inside and makes your home warmer. Note that the visibility of the view from your house is not compromised because of the double-glazed windows.

5. Thermal Insulation Paint

Est. Cost: Starts from $29.42

Interestingly, thermal insulation paints not only help with heat stored inside the house but also give your home a decorative look. These decorative coatings improve the thermal performance of surfaces in your house, especially walls.

Every insulating paint functions differently and depends on where you apply it. The types of insulating paint generally come in two types. 

  • Exterior insulating paint is applied on the exterior walls made up of bricks, concrete, stone or render capable of absorbing moisture.
  • Interior insulating paint, as the name suggests, is applied to the interior walls of the house. The paint prevents heat from being lost from the interior of your house. 

The highly advanced technology of thermal paint helps absorb moisture on the outside. The heat inside the room is absorbed by the paint and it bounces back into the room instead of escaping the room. This helps to recover heat in the interior environment of the room, keeping the temperature high for a longer time.

6. Home Appliance Maintenance

Est. Cost: Starts from $50.35 (Cost might vary according to the service you are looking for)

During winter, it is crucial to pay attention to our home appliances. Homeowners usually only spend a little time thinking about their appliances unless something goes wrong or stops working altogether. Taking the time to check everyday appliances at home can help extend their life and increase efficiency.

You can get your home appliances ready for the winter by following these simple tips: 

  • Check for lint clogs in dryers. It will help avoid dryer fires.
  • If your oven thermostat does not work according to the temperatures set for cooking or baking, you might need to test and repair your oven thermostat to avoid any mishaps.
  • Get your indoor refrigerator serviced. 

It costs a lot to repair an appliance after it stops working. To avoid some costly repairs, you should make sure your home appliances are all set to stay efficient during the winter by following some simple maintenance tips. 

Closing Remarks

Harsh winters require a lot of prior planning and upgrading. But with the right choices, you can do it in the most affordable and innovative ways possible. Besides choosing innovative technology, you can go for cheap yet reliable ways to save gas bills at home.

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