Alloy Wheels: Things Car Owners Need To Know

Alloy Wheels

The car’s wheels have a crucial role in the overall driving experience. Although steel wheels might be the most common type of wheels, alloy wheels are also gaining traction over the past few years. There are cheap alloy wheels, but steel wheels are much more common due to their low cost, easy availability, as well as easy moulding ability. Moreover, the look of steel wheels is completely different from alloy wheels. Below, we provide a clear guide about alloy wheels and offer important information to the car owners 

Differences between steel wheels and alloy wheels

  1. Price: Alloy wheels are more expensive than steel wheels
  2. Cheap Alloy Wheels UK are much lighter than steel wheels
  3. Durability: Alloy wheels are much more prone to early cracks as well as can bend in the event of a major impact. On the other hand, steel wheels are much more robust plus can handle a lot of on-road beating.
  4. Performance: Alloy wheels are much lighter and therefore promote superior control. Because of the weight of steel wheels, they are not as good as alloy wheels in terms of performance.
  5. Safety: Premium alloy wheels are durable enough, but they can be prone to early cracks during impacts. Therefore, it might be dangerous to drive at high speeds with major damage. The steel wheels are much stronger, and the chances of cracks are low in comparison to alloys. 
  6. Fuel efficiency: Alloy wheels are a lot lighter and allow the car to obtain more satisfactory fuel economy. On the other hand, Steel wheels add to the overall weight of a car and lower fuel efficiency.
  7. Looks: Alloy car wheels improve the outside look of the vehicle. Moreover, Steel wheels are not that much appealing.
  8. Repairability: The fixing process of alloy wheels is a lot complex as well as expensive. Steel wheels can be easily fixable.
  9. Maintenance: Car owners need to regularly inspect their alloy wheels for any signs of cracks as well as bends. The steel wheels do not require frequent checks as they are much stronger and rarely create cracks.
  10. Customisation: Car owners have a wide range of alloy wheel designs as well as sizes they can choose from as per their liking. But, Steel wheels are generally available in a standard design and have less chance of personalisation.
  11. Application: Alloys are ideal for high-end as well as sports cars. Steel wheels are ideal for entry-level cars.

Should the car owners change to alloy wheels?

The answer relies on the type of road the car drives on daily. If someone is a regular vehicle driver, then the popular cast Cheap Alloy Wheels UK will make the ride much smoother as well as enhance the appearance of the car. Alloy wheels can be a clever choice for daily driving on the streets as they are much lighter plus provide a stable drive if comparing them with steel cheap Tyres Coventry

The best car wheels suitable for off-roading are skillfully forged alloy wheels as well as steel wheels. Forged alloy wheels can be of a much higher cost if comparing them with cast alloy wheels. This change in the price is in terms of the process of manufacturing.

An alloy is a combination of a certain metal with different elements. The aluminium alloys are much lighter as well as require titanium plus magnesium for robust production. A high-performing aluminium wheel enhances the grip on the road, lowers fuel consumption, plus is even corrosion-resistant. The car’s alloy wheels come in different colours for an elegant touch plus also have a protective spray to shield the paint. 

However, the making of the cast, as well as forged car wheels is completely different.

Forged wheels require forging of the aluminium into the shape of a car’s wheel rims. Moreover, solid aluminium needs a ton of heat pressure to melt as well as perfectly mould.

On the other hand, with cast alloy wheels, their solid aluminium needs melting, and then that liquid form is set into moulds to obtain the perfect shape.

Popular Alloy Wheel Brands In the UK


This is a German brand, plus is a pioneer in the alloy wheels industry. The company is also world-famous for its innovative tech along with progressive designs that make the products both stylish plus practical. 


This Japanese brand is one of the key makers of alloy wheels around the globe. Also, it is the dealer of major Japanese manufacturers as well as the authorised supplier of the McLaren F1.


This company is well-known for its mix of high-quality alloy wheels with premium design. This company offers a wide range of alloy wheels for all kinds of cars, make and model.


BBS is well-known to create some of the most stunning-looking alloy wheels known in the market. This is why this brand is stock wheels for several luxury car makers, such as BMW as well as Porsche.    

Other Brands 

  1. Momo Alloy
  2. HRS
  3. Yongle
  5. X2
  6. NEO Alloys
  7. Prestige
  8. Plati
  9. Lenso
  10. Enkei
  11. Freeman

Contact a tyre store today or get in touch with an expert to know which expensive or cheap Alloy Wheels will be the best for your car. 

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