Affordable Book Publishing Service: The Ultimate Guide to Finding The Best One

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Should I hire a book publishing service when I could do it myself? Let us put it this way: you probably know how to cook and can do it remarkably well. However, sometimes you prefer to go to a restaurant and pay for the service. Because? It is because you want to avoid all the work of buying ingredients, chopping, seasoning, baking, frying, etc. When cooking takes time, money, and effort, you decide to hire the services of professionals.

In book publishing, it is more challenging than cooking a couple of eggs and ham. It’s more complicated: you need a professional yet affordable book publishing service to design the cover, draft, layout, and more.

But what is a book publishing service?

If you’ve ever tried to submit your books to Amazon, iTunes, or any other distributor, you’ve probably come across “the format doesn’t meet the necessary specifications” or “the cover doesn’t meet the requirements.” Then you have to hire their cover design service to have it done as it should be, as well as their interior format designs because it turns out that your manuscript did not meet the requirements either! Ultimately, you do the same as if you were to hire a budget-friendly book publishing service company. Only you are doing it in parts.

How to choose the right book publishing service?

Many companies offer cheap book publishing services, but you must be careful which one you hire. Because you could be hiring “Vanity Publishing”! “Vanity” is only looking for ways to scam you. So be cautious with “Vanity” companies, and learn to identify and differentiate them from those offering cheap book publishing services.

Below, we are going to see the essential ideas to identify these fraudulent companies to avoid major headaches in the future:

The sale price of your book

If you call a book publishing company to ask for information, the first thing you should ask is: “Who sets the sale price of my book, you or me?” If the answer is: “we because we are the publisher,” Don’t think about it anymore- run away!

First, they will put such a high price on your book that it will take a lot of work to sell. This is because you still need to be a recognized author.

The reality is that they don’t care about your book, or you, much less about your readers; what they want is to get as much money as possible from you. As? It is straightforward, at least your family and friends will purchase your book, making them money.

Percentages of the Royalties

If your chosen company keeps 50% or more of your royalties, don’t do it! You should run if he takes any percentage of your royalties, but that’s a tricky point.

A publishing company that charges you for the service of publishing your work should not share the royalties that belong to you. However, if you agree to share your royalties with them, consider what percentage you are willing to contribute and how much is fair. 50% or more is not acceptable.

Also, be very careful with those businesses whose percentage of royalties they take from you depends on the publishing package you choose. The more expensive the package, the smaller the amount they take from you. However, they are being charged in advance because, in reality, they are only increasing the price of the package without adding any valuable extra services. 

Beautiful Book Cover

Another factor to consider when choosing the company to discover your dream is the design of your book cover page or front page. If your package includes cover design, look at this: Can you choose your cover from hundreds of beautiful pre-designed covers? Yeah? So, RUN!

Is your book pre-designed? Did you read Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, change Romeo’s name to Romulus and Juliet’s to Julissa, and put out your next bestseller, “Romulo and Julissa”? No, right? So why are you planning to choose a pre-designed cover to which only the title and the author’s name will change? 

Do you want your book to have the same cover as 200 other books from that publisher? No, and no! Your book is unique. It took you years to write it. You used your imagination and creativity to create it; the least you can do is give it a cover as unique and original as the manuscript.

If you want their professional designers to make you a cover to your liking, you have to pay extra; therefore, the package does not include cover design. It simply consists of a cover to which they will only change the title or photo you provide, and that’s it. That’s not designing a cover. 

Designing a cover requires a team of designers to fully understand the author’s idea. They start the creative process and then put their thoughts on paper. This is the text they must present to you. You must give your opinion and suggestions until you are satisfied with the final result. That’s making a cover! Remember that the book cover is the first thing the reader will see before buying your book, and it should catch them from the start.

Interior Format

Here we have almost the same problem as with the cover. Does your publishing house have hundreds of beautiful interior formats for you to choose the one you like best? Well, you know: run away!

When a professional designer creates the interior format of a book, he has two main objectives in mind: first, that the book is visually appealing and pleasing; second, that it meets the reader’s needs for ease of reading. It is not appropriate to use the exact format for a historical novel or a book about self-improvement or how to cure cancer in a book about the past, such as one on self-improvement.

When it comes to formatting your book, considerations such as the font, margins, sizes, etc., are very important. It is not just a matter of choosing the one you like most. And the reader? Does it not count? If the font is very small or very large, if the spaces are very large or very small, you risk the reader getting tired of reading on page 3. The reader will put your book aside to avoid picking it up again.

Price and budget

How much will a book publishing service cost you? Can you easily add the rates and fees of each professional without knowing if there will be increases if the execution of the project is prolonged?

With this information, you can choose a budget-friendly book publishing service company that is right for you and, above all, responsible. 

Benefits Of Choosing Our Affordable Book Publishing Service 

Book publishing is a means of gaining visibility, brand reputation, and customers for businesses. Searching for an affordable book publishing service is a very profitable option that many companies and entities still need to be aware of. 

At WriterCosmos, we are specialists in offering affordable book publishing services. Discover how our publishing house helps you improve your income statement and some of the specific objectives you can achieve through self-publishing company books.

Gain visibility and brand reputation

Having a book of recipes, food, the history of your business, and the tourist environment of your municipality or region are just some of the many possibilities of self-publishing books for businesses, companies, and entities. In this way, the same can be made more visible. And improve brand reputation in various ways.

Make the community aware of your offer and the values of your business

Do you want to show the tradition and values of your family’s gastronomy, hotel, or restaurant business? Or is a team’s excellent capacity for innovation always at the forefront in your sector? Are you looking to show the possibilities of leisure, enjoyment, and entertainment when choosing your municipality or region as a holiday destination or to be visited on different weekends throughout the year? Do you want to give the reader ideas on using your products with recipes and varied options so that they consume or use them regularly?

Regardless of what your business offers and what its values are, having a professional and affordable book publishing service to distribute it in paper publications can be very beneficial. And no, you don’t need to work anymore. 

Have an exciting line of business or a powerful advertising component

A paper publication published by a professional publisher can serve as an advertising component for a particular purchase or contract with a client in order to reward a recurring customer.

But it is also an option that allows you to open your own line of business if you wish. With its sale and diffusion, you would achieve the publicity and desired brand reputation and a way to generate new income. This can also be a way to earn additional money through conferences, courses, or workshops. Publishing your business book opens up many options for your business.

Let your commercial offer go viral thanks to an affordable book publishing service

Books are lent, discussed, and become objects of worship or gifts. Let people make your commercial offer viral. And with a budget-friendly book publishing service, you can appear in the press, radio, and digital media. This will enable you to achieve an increased awareness of your brand, company, business, or entity thanks to a book or publication. Achieve effective online and offline publicity for your business through self-publishing with publishers publishing books for brands, businesses, and professionals. 

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