A Scholar’s Guide To Writing An Essay That May Boost Your Grades

Essay writing isn’t an essay task. I have heard many schools and college students say these remarks about essay writing. Do you ever think why students say this? If not, then think for a moment. Actually, its lack of proper guidance about the essay writing process raises a series of problems for essay writers at different phases. It simply means by gathering all the necessary information about the essay writing process, students can start enjoying writing an essay. Yes, this would really happen if you read this article till the end. This article is a form of scholar’s guide to help you know about the essay writing process so you can stand out among all your fellows.

Writing An Essay- A Brief Introduction:

An essay is the most common sort of academic assignment that almost all students have to deal with to get the necessary skills. It helps students learn the ways to share their opinions with the public. Based on different essay types, one needs to acquire certain skills. For example, a scientific essay asks students to be informative, straightforward or to the point so the audience who wants to learn about your topic of interest can benefit from it.

To develop more deep understanding, let’s talk about the skills required to draft a persuasive essay. Persuasive essays are usually drafted for marketing purposes so the target audience can be persuaded to buy your services and products. So, your abilities to convince someone of your points are necessary to conquer this task. All in all, writing an essay simply means understanding the purpose of writing, collecting all supporting details to help convey your point of view, and structuring all different ideas nicely to finish the writing.

A Scholar’s Guide to Writing an Essay

Writing an essay is a multi-stepped process that asks students to progressively reach the endpoint. It takes the form of a ladder; by climbing its different steps, you can reach the peak with greater ease. So, the following are some steps that you must follow in sequence to write an essay that makes you distinct from all class fellows. Let’s get started:

Select A Narrow Topic Of Interest:

Though the scope of your topic entirely depends on your level of education, you must still start writing by keeping your focus narrow; it will help you delve deeper into the process. Despite narrowing the topic of your essay, it must be of your own interest is another important concern in writing an essay.

Decide Which Particular Type Of Essay Can Help You Best Explain Your Interest:

The second but most important step in writing an essay is to select the type of essay that can help you explain your point of view. It is necessary because you cannot use the same essay format to write on any matter of discussion. For example, to explain the process of photosynthesis, you cannot use the persuasive style of writing; however, scientific, informative, or process essays will be more appropriate options. All in all, right after the selection of the research topic, the next step must be to select an essay format.

Conduct Research:

Research is part of the writing phase of an essay. It is nothing more than a misconception. However, this is not so. In scholars’ guides, the research is added to the planning phase of the process of writing an essay. There are many reasons for shifting this step to the planning phase, but the most obvious one is that it helps connect different ideas or thoughts in a better way. In reality, after topic selection and selecting the essay format, the next step must be to conduct research to confirm whether it’s doable or not. Moreover, research at this step will also let you make a winning essay outline for writing an essay that can surprise your audience.    

Make The First Draft:

Done with research? Very well. Now, you will have a clear structure of an essay in your mind and hands full of data. Congrats! You have carefully taken all tricky turns in the essay writing process. So, just use your outline and give your thoughts the best possible words to complete the first draft of an essay. Stop! You must learn one more thing at this point. Remember, you can commit as many mistakes as you wish in the first draft of your essay. No worries, you can play with your ideas.    

Improve Its Quality By Revising The Content:

As I just guided you, do mistakes in the first draft; it’s okay. But submitting the first with hundreds of mistakes is not at all recommended. Review, revise, and reread what you have written as many times as possible. That’s what the finalising phase of essay writing demands from you. Take different proofreading rounds to pick different types of errors. In clearer words, to correct spelling, grammar, contextual, fragment sentences, too wordy sentences, and punctuation mistakes, you must read the essay multiple times to work on each.

Seek Experts To Help You Know Potential Shortcomings Before Sending:

Lastly, picking your own mistakes is indeed tricky. Moreover, it is better to get an expert’s assistance instead of regretting low grades. Where one must find legitimate essay writing help is the main concern of students of the current era. In a few simple words, by placing an order at essay writing services or finding an essay writer to buy essay online, you can seek any writing help for only a few pennies.

Final Thoughts:

In a nutshell, writing an essay is an easy task. But one must need to use a step-by-step approach to better deal with all its requirements. Thus, to guide you about the simplest way to even write on technical topics, this article has summed up the essay writing process in six simple steps. Stay connected with us to know more about writing an essay.

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