9 Ways To Use Instagram Wall To Increase Your Social Media Reach

Event organizers always look for ways to increase audience engagement. Social media platforms, especially Instagram, help them out in this venture big time.

But an Instagram wall takes the platform’s influence to the next level. You just need to use it in the best way possible.

In this blog, we will help you with 10 brilliant ideas for an Instagram wall that would add a new dimension to it.

9 Ways To Use Instagram Wall For Extended Social Media Reach

Create And Promote Event Hashtag

You must develop an event hashtag to use on Instagram walls for business events. Not only should you make sure everyone at the event is aware of the hashtag, but you should also inform other team members who can’t attend.

Then, they can use the hashtag to add queries or remarks, giving presenters more content for later discussions.

This hashtag must appear in all content produced by the event’s participants. You can post the posts, videos, or photos on the Instagram wall through the hashtag only.

Cast Sponsored Posts

Promote your hashtag campaign using sponsors to drive your Instagram wall approach. These articles can serve as role models and sources of inspiration for others. For example, this could be an ad for a product or your favourite influencer posting a selfie.

Livestream Your Guest Speakers

Live Streaming, your guest speakers would only enhance your event’s popularity. Use the Instagram wall to live stream the inspirational and knowledgeable speeches of the guest speakers. People not attending the event can also join through live streams.

Run Contests & Polls

Promote a giveaway, contest, or poll that gets people talking to boost social proof and engagement. Because you’re instructing people on what to publish, this is an explicit request for customer participation and makes it easier to participate. Prepare for crowded social feeds through this method.

Ask & Encourage User-Generated Content

Given its advantages, user-generated content has become popular in the marketing industry. Because of its dependability and authenticity, user-generated information has altered how the public view certain goods and services.

Additionally, user-generated content can be created and afterwards shown at an event. The simplest method is to instruct attendees to use the event’s hashtag when posting about their event experiences on social media.

This would result in some user-generated content, which would be increased after more people began blogging about the event out of a desire to experience the “wall of fame.”

The Twitter wall will display user-generated content continuously, increasing audience engagement and event awareness.

Host Q&A Sessions

Asking a question and then sharing the responses is another simple method for obtaining user-generated content. Pose a query, then let your audience use the hashtag of your choice to share their responses.

Alternatively, suppose you have a guest speaker. In that case, you might allow the audience to submit their questions so the speaker can respond.

Use A Big Digital Screen

The social media wall for events will be a screen showing all information as it is created.

Consequently, it is crucial to have a sizable, striking building that can be seen from a distance.

These large screens are used at significant events all over the world. The public is naturally thrilled to have their content broadcast for everyone to see at the event, which is a better motive to encourage interaction.

Display Speakers’ & Sponsors’ Content

Displaying speakers and sponsored content on the Instagram wall can serve you brilliantly.

Firstly, displaying sponsored content and guest speakers on the Instagram wall at the event’s start will rope in many audiences, given their fan following. 

Secondly, posting about speakers and sponsors and tagging them will boost your event engagement since they will also repost the content on their profiles. When people see that they are attending the event, they will try to know more about it.

Display Photo Booth UGC

Incorporating entertaining, interactive features into virtual event locations is a big obstacle for event planners. Connecting your social wall to a virtual picture booth can give your participants something to do while waiting for their next session.

Unbelievably, individuals enjoy producing and disseminating material. During virtual or hybrid events, showcasing branded selfies on a live social wall will assist you in creating a community and connecting speakers and sponsors with the audience.

Selfies are easy to capture, style, and post to social media walls. Combined with social media posts, they make for a fantastic content combination for your event.

Of course, the more straightforward the process, the more likely your participants will participate actively and generate a tonne of branded content for you.

Wrapping Up!

Instagram wall has become a marketers’ favourite in recent years. There are valid reasons behind it since it brings many benefits. Through this blog, you will harness 9 ways to use the Instagram wall to boost your social media reach.

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