10 things to DIY before the end of lease cleaning

10 things to DIY before the end of lease cleaning

Even while it should be, not everyone considers, end-of-lease cleaning important.  To ensure that you receive your entire deposit/bond back, make sure your lease is spotless before you vacate.

Depending on the terms of your lease, the landlord may need to engage additional cleaning staff if the space is not sufficiently clean because cleaning the property is not their obligation. Knowing what real estate agents want from a bond cleaning, if it is worthwhile to clean yourself, and how to accomplish it will help you avoid this.

We’ll go into more detail on each of the three aforementioned subjects in this post so you’ll be ready when your lease is about to expire and it’s time to think about cleaning. Keep in mind that you might also need to get the carpets cleaned and treated for fleas or pests. Either a carpet cleaning machine rental or professional carpet cleaning can be used to clean the carpets. Typically, to do this, you need to phone a carpet cleaning and schedule an appointment.

If the carpets aren’t too dirty, people moving out don’t always need to employ a professional; instead, they can rent a machine for a few hours for approximately $50 from their neighbourhood hardware store or supermarket. Powerful enough to clean typical carpets during move-out cleaning.

While it is possible to hire cleaners to come to your apartment before your lease expires, doing it yourself will save you a lot of money. The biggest myth about end-of-lease cleaning in Melbourne is that it’s tough to complete. Here are some advantages of learning how to do it yourself instead:

  • Increase your cleaning effectiveness.
  • Spend less on hiring pros.
  • Recover your entire bond or deposit.

Tip: 1

Wait until you are entirely moved out of your flat before beginning your bond back cleaning. In the long term, this will save you time because you won’t have to bother about cleaning your possessions.

You’ll be able to reach those difficult-to-clean areas without any obstructions!

It will be simpler to clean if there are fewer things to do. To reduce the workload, you must first inspect your inventory to identify the items that may be donated or thrown away and don’t require cleaning.

Additionally, organising your property would be preferable so that it is simpler to remove dust and filth and maintain a spotless appearance. If there is too much clutter, you may not even notice the development of mould and mildew, costing you your bond money.

Tip: 2

Your window treatments, such as blinds, curtains, or draperies, should be dusted first. Making careful to complete this step can mean the difference between having a landlord pay for additional cleaning or not as this is one of the areas where dust is most obvious.

Tip: 3

Starting from the top, begin your move-out cleaning! The quickest way to accomplish this is to begin by dusting and de-cobweb the ceiling, then work your way down from the walls down to the floor.

You may organise your apartment to make sure you don’t miss any areas and this is a terrific approach to keeping track of your bond cleaning procedure.

Tip: 4

Once you clean the overall flat, focus your attention on the kitchen and your appliances. Don’t forget to include your dishwasher and refrigerator in this process!

When performing their end-of-lease cleaning in Melbourne, many people forget to take care of these crucial items.

Tip: 5

A complete process of bond cleaning starts with cleaning your bathroom. You might be surprised to learn how much dust your shower can gather.

Because of this, be careful to dust your bathroom’s shower, toilet, and any other locations with low lighting.


Ensure that every closet and drawer is completely tidy. It’s simple to assume incorrectly that your closets and drawers will be immediately clean when you remove all of your clothing from them.

But before you conclude your end-of-lease cleaning, make sure to check the cleanliness of your garments because they might leave a lot behind.


Clean up any glass surfaces, including windows and mirrors. Without cleaning them, you might not notice the difference that having clean windows and mirrors can make.

This is due to the accumulation of dust and debris on glass surfaces, which eventually causes the reflections to lose their clarity. The best approach to clean them is to use Windex and a moist cloth to wipe them down.


The carpet must always be vacuumed! Many people make the error of merely vacuuming the carpet in their apartment once at the start of the cleaning process.

The reality is, if you can only do it once, do it at the end, but by vacuuming all the carpeted areas at the start and the conclusion of your cleaning, you ensure a more complete clean.

You can now obtain anything that you previously missed!


After vacuuming, clean up! The best technique to ensure that a floor is thoroughly cleaned is to mop after vacuuming.

If a damp towel comes back clean after being wiped on the floor, you did an excellent job!


Remove all the junk!

Be careful to bring out several trash bags as you leave the flat because you can be charged a disposal fee if you leave any rubbish behind.

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