10 Nintendo Games That Deserve An HD Remake

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Something that a good gamer knows is that Nintendo, starting in the 80s, began to create an infinity of IPs that today is not capable of covering by generation. Some of them totally forgotten and others due to the average reception of the public have remained pending, but despite their economic success or failure, today we seek to highlight 10 sagas that deserve a new version (and in the worst case a remastering ) in HD, either for Wii U or for a future Nintendo console.

Before we start with the list, we need to make a few points clear. First: this list is based on the opinion of the writer and his own analysis, therefore, I invite you to leave your list of games and/or characters in the comments; second: it has no order of importance or chronology, so respect the disorder. And finally, it says Games in HD and not on Wii u title keys because Nintendo would have to hire a lot of staff to keep up with so many games.

After this clarification let’s start on the next page with our list of Nintendo games that should be redone in HD.

10 Best Nintendo Games

10- Earthbound

What can be said that hasn’t already been said? Even at the Digital Event, his return was requested. The Earthbound or Mother saga, as it is known in Japan, is one of Nintendo’s greatest pending. When this game was announced for N64 and subsequently canceled, we all left with the feeling that the plots and ideas were there, what was missing was the desire.

Although it ended up coming out only in Japan on the Gameboy Advance, the return of this Universe with Ness or Lucca must be in style, because it is what the fans are waiting for, a new version with graphics at the height of this moment. Nor do we close ourselves to the possibility of some HD reissue of the three previously published chapters, since this saga only needs that new push so that the magic and irony are unleashed again.

9- F-Zero

Since GameCube that the most dizzying races of Nintendo have not been present on the desktops of the Big N, the most charismatic of its pilots has only been relegated to one of the best in Smash Bros. But, so much presence in the fighting game is proof that the character has reached the general public. A reissue? I don’t think so, a new chapter is safer.

8- Golden Sun

The great adventure of Hans, Garet, Iván, and Mía together with Felix, Nadia, Sole, and Piers deserves at least one reissue, although we do prefer a continuation of this wonderful world and story. The idea is that this innovative (in its time) Nintendo RPG with its battle system, between the classic and the unique, has enough merit to return, in addition to having a protagonist who has won the hearts of many fans. Golden Sun 3, is a must for Nintendo.

7- Sin and Punishment

With two installments under its belt, Nintendo‘s on-rails shooter garnered rave reviews, blasting both the N64 and Wii with massive doses of action. For the same reason, a new installment of the adventures of Saki and Airan in this apocalyptic world, at 60 frames per second and in HD, can be a graphic wonder and an excellent representative of a genre, which has not stood out much in the consoles of the Big N,

6- Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

That Eternal Darkness is already a survival horror classic, there is no one who doubts it. Its game system is based on sanity, making its users pass multiple emotions, especially with the “Error” of the same in key moments. With such innovation and its great narrative when it comes to unraveling a complex story based on chapters and different characters involved in the story, throughout important times of humanity, Alexandra deserves a continuation or reissue in HD.

5- Wace Race

To be honest, Wace Race‘s gang of adrenaline junkies (who made an appearance in the great Snowboarding 1080° ) must return to the charge with their wild stunts in a new game. This without a doubt should have that touch of extreme sports that only Nintendo knows how to give, all this in a great 60-frame and HD graphics, without forgetting that incredible physics for water and snow, to unleash challenging races among friends and it would be nothing your online plays wrong. For this, you gonna need Wii u keys to run on Wii u.

4- Duck Hunt

I must say this on a very personal note, but… I hate you fucking dog !… after this moment of honesty, who didn’t shoot the Hound in  Duck Hunt? You knew that nothing would happen, but that snickering giggle sticks in your head, enough to hate it for more than 20 years and it is because of that feeling of nostalgia that Duck Hunt wins position on this list. With gameplay made in Wii Mote and cartoonish graphics, realistic ever! it could be an excellent game and even a bestseller.

3- Disaster: Day of Crisis

This is the most recent game on the list and it is very likely that you have already played it, but for many, both the ( Hollywood ) story and the gameplay deserved better graphics. Perhaps, Monolith Soft could now on Wii U make a continuation in the style of this game based on natural disasters, and nature can always surprise. And finally, America didn’t officially enjoy this great game, which becomes another reason to keep a remake in mind.

2- Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars

Two characters from the saga are one of the great novelties of this wonderful RPG that delighted many on the SNES: Mallow, the prince of Queen Valentina’s Nimbus Land, and Geno, the star path warrior, along with Mario and company began the epic adventure to recover the seven legendary stars and return the Mushroom Kingdom to normal. With these characters being part of SquareSoft (now called Square Enix ) it seems difficult, but these characters deserve a great sequel, or at worst an HD remaster that takes us back to the Mushroom Kingdom in Chaos.

1- Ice Climber

The twin brothers are already a classic in the history of Nintendo. With only one game on the NES and his return in Smash Bros. A new game in the current generation could present a great challenge for the programmers and designers of the big N because the charm of the original in 2D is not something to come and update with polygons, but Nintendo has always been very competent at the time to move gameplay from 2D to 3D, so I give my vote of confidence to the Japanese company and a “now” for this game.

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